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Barbaro is known for rustic wood-fired pizza with creative toppings paired with a full bar and mouthwatering menu. The cocktails, beer and pizza are served in an aesthetically pleasing brick-walled space. Known also as one of the best happy hours in the city, it's hard not to find a time to stop by Barbaro


BY: Ryan Kirk Contributing writer

This is THE GOOD – We suggest you commence your drinking appetite from the top down. Start with something easy – the night is young. There’s plenty of time for Mezcal, straight bourbon, and trouble.

The first character you’ll meet in this silver-screen picture is The Mango Mule. He’s a cool starting point for the ride ahead, offering hibiscus mango-infused vodka and house bitters. Remember, we all start off as “good guys” – it’s up to you if The Bad and The Ugly make an appearance in your night’s adventure. SPOILER ALERT: They are definitely going to make an appearance.

Barbaro is a skilled specialist in the art of making you hungry and thirsty at the same time. They start off their taste-bud manipulation with their cocktail menu: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly. The Good are made up of lighter aperitif-style cocktails. The Bad are delicious and dangerous, like a beautiful woman with a cold heart – you’ll never see her coming until it’s too late. The Ugly…well, the Ugly is just stirred-up booze. The Ugly is what happens after The Good and The Bad are done with you and you’ve just got nothing left to lose.

The second half of their allure is their rustic wood-fired pizza. We recommend the Clams Casino, featuring clams, bacon, white sauce, garlic, chilies, and pecorino. The smell inside this dough-and-cheese emporium makes resistance an unattainable feat. Besides, you’ll need to fill up before your nose dive into the next chapter of the cocktail menu.

This is THE BAD – The second character to meet in your cocktail journey is “The Bad.” Like a dame with only one thing on her mind, she’ll make you fall for her on first glance, beautiful and tasteful, she’ll lie to you and tell her you can drink her all evening. If you think you’re under control, you thought wrong. She owns the night. Her name is I’m Your Huckleberry – she is Bourbon, she is Mezcal, she is Ancho Reyes, lime, maple syrup, and blueberries. You’ll miss her when she’s gone, but you’re a better man for trying her. Inevitably, she’ll leave you sitting in your bar stool with nothing to remember her by but the taste of blueberries and the acknowledgment of money well spent.

Inside of Barbaro, high ceilings meet exposed brick walls. The interior is occupied with an assortment of old paintings that look like they’d belong in a Wes Anderson film or buried under a pile of old blankets in your grandmother’s garage. We endorse the idea of a Happy Hour, available seven days a week; it’ll be good practice as we inch closer to our 3rd and final act.

This is THE UGLY – No introduction needed, as you have now been thrown to the wolves. When Doves Cry – Gin, Cocci Americano, Crème de Violete, Pamplemousse, Absinthe, and orange bitters. The only way you’re escaping this one is with a shot that can’t miss and an unattainable amount of confidence. That is, of course, unless they refer to you as “Blondie.” And in that case, Mr. Eastwood, we’ve got no doubt that you’ll welcome the challenge.


Stop by for a boozie brunch on Saturday and Sunday

Our CYTIES recommendation: Anything in The Ugly section

Easily some of the best pizza in SA. Grab the clams casino if you get hungry, it’s a fine piece of pie

Best Happy Hour in the city. Join them from 3pm – 6pm every single day