San Antonio

Havana Bar

Sun - Thurs 7pm - 12am
  • Sun - Thurs 7pm - 12am
  • Fri - Sat: 5pm - 2am

Havana Bar is an intimate bar inside of Hotel Havana in downtown San Antonio. It is a rendezvous for inventive cocktails and romantic escalations. While it's only feet from the riverwalk, it's underground vibe makes it feel secluded from the outside world.


BY: Ryan Kirk Contributing writer

The look in their eyes from across the room begs conversation. Ever the romantic, you play the game of locking eyes for brief moments before breaking, only to quickly return. It started with a glance, and now you stand, strangers to each other’s hesitance. Waiting, until one of you grabs the other’s hand to either get lost in a crowd or find the most intimate setting – one where no one will know your name, and where the only face people look for is one in which they can’t look away. Welcome to San Antonio’s Havana Bar, where secrets flirt with inventive cocktails and passionate conversations.

We recommend colliding the new world with the old and letting the bartender have his way with some rum. You won’t be sorry.

The bar’s residence is below ground, underneath the Havana Hotel. It’s in this secluded basement that time stops and the only point of interest is sitting by your side. It’s only feet from San Antonio’s Riverwalk, where on any given night, thousands congregate, but from the point of view inside, they might as well be in Santiago de Cuba.

The Havana Hotel, built in 1914, is quite romantic itself, as the 27-room boutique is often the host of I Do’s and wedding cakes. Over the years, it’s retained its allure, with a design that blends historic and retro to create a feeling of elegance and passion. Inside the bar, dimly lit candles complement the blue retro walls, while brown leather chairs and a red sofa attract the connection of counter sexes.

On Thursday nights, the bar hosts Havana HI-FI, a night of psychedelic soul, funk, and Afro-Latin sounds. It’s the perfect vibe when indulging in another’s  company while sipping on something with a high ABV. The physical bar isn’t large, but it makes up for it with mouthwatering made-to-order vices. We recommend colliding the new world with the old and letting the bartender have his way with some rum. You won’t be sorry.

Havana Bar offers an Old Havana atmosphere and the promise of a promiscuous evening. It’s a rendezvous of conversation, cocktails, and flirtation. This bar is one of San Antonio’s best-kept secrets, and for your sake, hopefully it stays that way.


If the night gets hot and heavy, the lobby to check into Hotel Havana is right upstairs

If hungry head to The Ocho for some chorizo con queso & River Walk views

Havana Hotel is an intimate bar, and choice escape when looking for a night of romance or solitude.

Our CYTIES recommendation: Order something with rum in it