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Merit Coffee (Local Coffee)

Mon - Fri: 6:30am - 9pm
  • Mon - Fri: 6:30am - 9pm
  • Sat: 7am - 9pm
  • Sun: 7am - 6pm

Merit coffee are buzzy coffeehouses offering a changing selection of brews in intimate shops scattered around San Antonio. Merit, also known as Local Coffee has been a leader in the 3rd wave coffee movement in South Texas.


BY: Ryan Kirk Contributing writer

Merit opened up their roastery in the now revived Southtown area just below the railroad tracks in San Antonio. Like a highly regarded train conductor, they set out to boldly push into new territory and with them bring imported caffeinated goods for the local people of SA to warm their engines with. Back in the old rail days, the conductor would carry a finely crafted lantern that was nicer than most, sometimes engraved, and was known as a presentation lantern. It was given to conductors of exceptional quality and meritorious achievement. As the roastery was so close to the railroad tracks and served such excellent coffee, the moniker “Merit” fit like a brakeman’s hat on the fella that punches a train ticket, and the lantern fast became the brand’s logo.

enjoy a delicious drip coffee before you saddle up and pedal out.

With six shops now scattered around San Antonio, Merit is the conductor to a third-wave coffee train that is chugging through the city.  This fast-growing coffee house first opened under the name “Local Coffee” – as their goal was to provide high quality roasted beans and a neighborhood vibe. While they have since transitioned over to the name “Merit Coffee,” the local atmosphere still prevails.

Keeping people moving fast is important, and since San Antonio lacks public transit via train, they teamed up with a bicycle shop at their Alamo Heights location — because what’s better than a shot of espresso after picking up your finely tuned Trek? The shop encourages you to pull up a stool, flip through the San Antonio Express news, and enjoy a delicious drip coffee before you saddle up and pedal out.

In a city that is multiplying by the day — in size and population — finding the right place to go and enjoy your morning cup of joe has become imperative. Just know that wherever you go, a Merit Coffee shop shouldn’t be too far away, guiding you in with that ol’ conductor’s lantern and making sure that the energy in your locomotive never fades away.


Coffee Roast: Merit Coffee Roasting Co.

If you’re heading to the Alamo Heights location, bike up, throw your kickstand down, enjoy a cup of jo, ride out, repeat.

Several locations scattered around the 210, so check the CYTIES map for the closest one to you.

If you head to the Pearl location, make sure and stop at CYTIES staple: Sporting District