San Antonio

Rosella Coffee Company

Mon - Thurs: 7am - 9pm
  • Mon - Thurs: 7am - 9pm
  • Fri - Sat: 7am - 10pm
  • Sun: 8am - 6pm

Rosella Coffee Company has multiple locations around San Antonio, Texas. They specialize in coffee, espresso drinks, snacks, and Texas craft beer. The shops are all in industrial-chic settings with free WiFi for their customers.


BY: Ryan Kirk Contributing writer

People are always interested in what the walls would say if they could talk. We assume that the handsome red-brick walls that hold Rosella together have quite the tale to tell. But our curiosity lies not in what fences us in from the Texas sun but in the wood that creates a safe place for our cups, mugs, plates, and (unfortunately) elbows.

We are interested in what these tables would say if they could voice the secrets locked in the thickness of their wood, from the drip coffee that slips your lip and plummets to the table to the 5-o’clock Texas beer that foams over the rim of its mug. Rosella is designed to be an all-day affair, where every drink has a story, held in privacy by a platform we trust.

when it comes time to printing a large exclamation point on a day whose ink is quickly drying, come in for a cold beer and let the suds wash away any stress left behind.

In the morning, these tables are dedicated to those who desire their cup of coffee outside of the confines of their homes. For breakfast, it’s the smear of avocado, the crumbs of your toast, and the liquid circle left behind by the ice melting in your cold brew as you read the newspaper, or move through your favorite online magazines (CYTIES). All at a sturdy table that gains knowledge and age with every caffeinated encounter.

In the afternoon, these tables are the perfect spots for individuals in need of a remote office, or the students who want to study but are tired of the smell of old books and the sounds of even an older librarian. For lunch, it’s the remnants of your sandwich falling onto the table, followed by the refreshing drops of a Topo Chico – only this time, even the table will welcome the hiccup of a fallen beverage.

On Friday and Saturday, the shop stays open until 10 pm, assisting you in getting your night started.  So, when it comes time to printing a large exclamation point on a day whose ink is quickly drying, come in for a cold beer and let the suds wash away any stress left behind. Rosella keeps you cool with only Texas-made brews, so rest assured that any spilled beverages will meet a familiar stain.

We can only imagine the amount of laptops and books that have found their surface on these tables, the number of coffees that have been consumed, and the conversations, oh…the conversations. If these tables could speak, now that, that is what you’d call some energetic, slightly buzzed, full of fun and maybe a little bad behavior, good ol’-fashioned table talk.


Coffee roast: Rosella Coffee Company

If hunger strikes, throw back their avocado toast

When the temperatures reach triple digits, grab a cold brew to cool you down

If the sun starts to disappear, wash the day down with a cold Texas craft beer

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