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Theory Coffee Co.

M-F: 6am-2:30pm
  • M-F: 6am-2:30pm
  • Sat: 6am-noon
  • Sun: Closed

Theory Coffee Company is a mobile specialty coffee trailer located in San Antonio, Texas. Serving some of the best coffee in the city, they have become a locals favorite. Roll up on two-wheels or four, and let the caffeine at Theory accelerate your day.


BY: Ryan Kirk Contributing writer

Printed on coffee sleeves and the side of a mobile trailer, the word THEORY boldly stands out as the name of this nomadic coffee station. The font in the logo resembles an ’80s-television show or rock band logo, and the vibe is felt from the moment you shift your vehicle into park and walk up to the shop’s window.

Under the name is the brand’s calling card, a coffee mug with a wing growing out of its handle, expressing that this coffee isn’t made to help you walk through life — it’s brewed to lift you off the ground, put you in the air, and help you fly through your day. Just like in Greek mythology, this coffee has the quality and strength to make you feel like even the sun isn’t too far to fly to.

Warning to Icarus: We can’t guarantee that the sun won’t melt your wings, but we can assure you that however much you might want it, you won’t need a refill on their Americano.

In our excursion down to San Antonio, we realized faster than a rev’ed-up Royal Enfield that this city isn’t playing games when it comes to how they get their morning started.

The rubber in the tires and the metal in its frame gives Theory Coffee Co. the ability to pick up and move at any time, but for consistency’s sake, you can find the trailer parked on Nacogdoches and Interstate 410. The ground that provides a home base for the shop’s wheels used to be a gas station, but they’re now just ruins of an old service area. The coffee trailer finds shade under the roof where the gas pumps used to juice up your ride. Obviously, the only thing that’s changed is the medium they are using to fill us up with, because the fluids they’re brewing are still meant to propel you into gear and accelerate you into full throttle.

Slinging beans from Round Rock, Texas’s Wild Gift Coffee, Theory keeps a tight menu with a badass selection from the small-batch roasting company. We strongly advocate for the drip coffee or an espresso, but if that’s not your thing, grab cortado, cappuccino, or latte – all drinks made using low-temp pasteurized non-homogenized milk. If you’re looking for a milk alternative, they also offer a house-made unsweetened almond milk.

In our excursion down to San Antonio, we realized faster than a rev’ed up Royal Enfield that this city isn’t playing games when it comes to how they get their morning started. So, whether you’re a coffee elitist, rookie, or somewhere in between, come on down to this parking lot and have what you thought you knew about good coffee put to the test. We’ve got a steaming hot THEORY that this shop-on-wheels might just rearrange your caffeinated favorites list.


Coffee roast: Wild gift coffee roasters

order their drip coffee, you won’t be sorry

Motorcycles welcome, all shapes and sizes

Locally known as one of the best coffee shops in SA

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