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Bexar Goods

Tues - Sat: 10am - 5pm
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Bexar Goods, also known as Outland Provisions is a men's shop on wheels. They feature handmade Leather wallets, Leather bags, outdoor gear, and dry goods. The shop is created for an outdoors mindset, but if you're on CYTIES, we already know you're not the type to sit inside and play video games. You can usually find Bexar Goods airstream (brick and mortar) parked off Broadway St.


BY: Ryan Kirk Contributing writer

The coffee boils over the morning campfire as you watch the fog and sun trade places over the mountains ahead. The ground is mainly dry, but you can still see snow caps on the surrounding peaks. You fill your coffee mugs, tighten up your weathered bandanas, and throw on your hat. Don’t forget about your chariot, as the Defender 110 needs to be topped off, too. You check the tires, make sure your gear is all strapped to the roof. And right before you go, before you set out on your voyage of the day, you do one last check. Making sure your leather watch is strapped firmly to your wrist, your camera strap is around your shoulder, and your land-packs are all zipped up and ready for travel. Your provisions for this outland excursion are in place, and you are about to embark on a Bexar Goods journey.

Leather isn’t supposed to look new and shiny, it’s supposed to be beat up and weathered. The more nicks, the more miles. And the more miles, the more stories.

The brand Bexar Goods (pronounced “Bear Goods,” for all you non-210’ers) sets up camp in an Airstream off Broadway. You’ll find the words “OUTLAND PROVISIONS” all over the vehicle and on some their products, voicing the idea that the gear inside isn’t created to sit in a cramped office, it’s intended to breathe. Like the goods sold inside, the store owners and shop itself aren’t designed to stay put in one place too long, which is why for now, a store with roots in the ground is just out of the question.

Bexar Goods is what you get when three guys from San Antonio decide to construct a leather MacBook case. Their focus from the start was to make leather products that they could not only sell but use in their own lives. Leather isn’t supposed to look new and shiny, it’s supposed to be beat up and weathered. The more nicks, the more miles. And the more miles, the more stories. Since their original laptop case isn’t for sale, it’s up to our imagination to recreate it. But we like to think that it’s been on a few journeys, seen the floor of a land cruiser, had a coffee or two spilled on it, and has more wrinkles than Willie Nelson’s got guitar straps.

The shop offers an array of leather products including wallets, watches, camera straps, satchels, and coasters. They also feature other lifestyle goods like t-shirts, hats, and land-packs. Our CYTIES pickup is their No. 03 wallet; it’s a slim brown leather wallet with plenty of space for cards and cash, but, if preferred, is small enough to easily fit in a front pocket.

Now it’s time for pulls of Bulleit bourbon from a flask probably passed down to you from your old man, or the fella that came before him. You watch the sun melt away behind those mountains, and the sky change colors; blue, yellow, orange, red, and then finally black. It’s stories and laughs from the day. It’s the feeling of freedom, of endless possibility. Your Bexar Goods baseball cap gets turned from front to back, and you start flipping through the photos you snapped of the days adventure. In the glow of the harvest moon, you have a familiar smile, knowing you get to wake up tomorrow and just do it all over again.


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