Meet the founder Josh Landan


It seems several companies are dipping their toes into the hard seltzer game these days, there is one brand that isn’t joining in, but more so has set the bar of how it should be done. Say hello to Ashland Hard Seltzer, a can that contains all-natural, organic ingredients, and uses alkaline water in the brewing process. Ashland embodies more than just a hard seltzer, it’s a token of a lifestyle flavored for adventure seekers and wild souls—any time of the year. We tossed a few crisp Ashland cans back and toasted to fall with the owner and founder Josh Landan, diving into some questions about who the ideal Ashland drinker is, and his reputation as a well-known name behind the lens.


CYTIES: The packaging is so slick, talk to us about the design process of the can and story of the brand?

Josh: My design process has been the same for the last 10 years and 8 brands that I have launched during that timeframe. I have a design aesthetic in my head with an overall brand direction, and Pete Baston and I make it happen. Sometimes it comes together quickly and sometimes it takes forever. Unfortunately, there is not a “cool” button on the computer! I wish there was!

CYTIES: When was the moment you realized, “that’s it, I’m going to make the coolest Hard Seltzer in the game”?

Josh: In the first 5 seconds after having the idea of doing the brand back in September of last year.

CYTIES: What’s it like launching and sustaining a business amidst the hurdles of 2020?

Josh: When your business model is selling alcohol to grocery stores and then out of the blue every other place in the nation where you would normally be able to purchase alcohol is shut down, you are probably going to experience a massive uptick in your business if people are excited about your brand. That’s exactly what happened to us.

CYTIES: Take us through the all-natural brewing process, what does it look like?

Josh: Our process is really pretty simple. We are creating alcohol from fermenting sugar. Our ingredients are carbonated water, yeast, 5% alcohol, and Organic Essence (flavor). That’s it.

CYTIES: Who is the ideal Ashland drinker?

Josh: I have seen everyone from all walks of life enjoying Ashland so there is not one target consumer. It seems like all ages, gender, and ethnicity are drinking Ashland on a regular basis.

CYTIES: Summer antics were filled with coolers packed with Ashland, what’s the plan for Fall and Winter?

Josh: Ashland on the ski slopes? For sure. Beaches, mountains, warm weather, and cold weather. We will be doing it all!

CYTIES: If Ashland had an exclusive soundtrack, who are a few musicians that would be featured on it?

Josh: Current Joys, Explosions in the Sky. Santa Fe.

CYTIES: When choosing unique and different flavors for future releases, what do you look for?

Josh: I basically just choose multiple different flavor combinations from my favorite non-alc seltzer brands and incorporate them into Ashland. We just make the flavors that we like to drink!

CYTIES: We know you started your career behind the lens. Do you ever miss it? And any future projects you’re working on that will put you back in the film game?

Josh: I have made all of the films for all of my brands from Saint Archer to Ashland, so I get my creative fix a couple of times a month. It’s great.

CYTIES: You’ve assembled quite the team of co-owners, how did you amass such a crew of badasses’, and can we get an invite to the Christmas party?

Josh: Everyone involved in Ashland has been a friend that I’ve made along the way, come on down!

CYTIES: Last question, if one the Avengers would be an avid Ashland drinker, which one would it be?

Josh: Batman… (not an Avenger fan).


“Alfred, bring me an Ashland!” Yes, we can definitely see Bruce Wayne kicking back with a hard seltzer after a long night. Thanks for hanging with us Josh, you’ll find Ashland now in some major market areas like Los Angeles. Get your hands on it quickly, because it won’t last long on the shelves.