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Within the rafters of hanging foliage and roasting machinery in Common Room Roasters, there is a fierce fidelity to the idea of modern coffee culture. We cruised to Newport beach to catch up with CRR owners Ed Moffatt and Jeremy Creighton, Aussies turned Californians to break bread, sorry, break beans about the coffee lifestyle they live each day.


BY: Ryan Kirk & Travis Platt Contributing writer

CYTIES: What’s your morning coffee routine?

CRR: At the roastery, we are lucky enough to have our own cafe out the front. So, we usually meet up for a flat white after a morning surf, or a walk of the dog, before we tackle the day ahead. From there it’s black coffee —either drip or espresso—for the rest of the day.

CYTIES: If you could take one thing from Melbourne and put it in SoCal, what would it be?

CRR: The coffee, and we have done it! But if we could bring over the entire breakfast cafe culture that would be it for sure.

CYTIES: When it comes to wholesale for the roastery, what’s important to you?

CRR: As a wholesaler, it’s our mission to make our client’s coffee programs as good as they possibly can be for their particular needs. As an organization, we are constantly trying to find new ways to be better for our clients.

CYTIES: What’s the latest you’ll drink a cup of coffee (non-decaf of course)?

CRR: We love having espresso’s after a nice dinner. We’ve even been known to hit an espresso martini as late as midnight!

CYTIES: With the rise of 3rd wave coffee shops, where do you think the modern coffee industry is going?

CRR: It’s really exciting to see the rise of specialty coffee here in the States. Being from Melbourne, we have the luxury of seeing how the rise in coffee culture can actually change the whole landscape of the breakfast scene. We’re already seeing a lot more small independent community coffee shops popping up all over the place, rather than chains opening more stores. This is great for the industry as a whole as it’s the consumers who are the ones who win.

If you could be doing something besides this, what would it be? — To be honest, nothing comes to mind. At CRR, coffee is our life

CYTIES: If you could pick one thing to do while drinking a cup of coffee, what would it be?

CRR: Either create artwork or listen to music

CYTIES: Mad scientist question. What’s the craziest coffee concoction you’ve made?

CRR: We have made some pretty amazing coffee cocktails, using crushed fruits, spiced rum, even chillis! We’ve also been experimenting lately with CBD.

CYTIES: In your opinion, where is your perfect place or setting to have a cup of coffee?

CRR: The best coffees are the ones shared with good people, regardless of the location.

CYTIES: Favorite coffee gadget?

CRR: Probably our refractometer, as it actually measures extraction—it’s super nerdy, but we love it.

CYTIES: What’s your favorite part or item in your shop?

CRR: I think our indoor plant garden is a real feature of our space. People often forget that coffee is a fruit that grows wild in the jungles of some pretty amazing places, so we try to emulate that in our lush ‘green room’.

CYTIES: Pick one: Airplane Coffee, or no coffee at all?

CRR: No coffee at all.

CYTIES: Favorite Australian sport?

CRR: Probably Rugby or Australian Rules Football. Yes, Australia has its own football code!

CYTIES: Do y’all claim Kyrie Irving?

CRR: Yes of course we do… sadly he doesn’t claim us.

CYTIES: Favorite Australian band?

CRR: Tough call. It’s a tight race between, AC/DC, INXS, or Crowded House.

CYTIES: Are you afraid of sharks?

CRR: No, not really, we try not to think about them (and definitely don’t talk about them) while out surfing, however, neither of us have seen a 20 foot Great White up close. I’m sure if we did, that might change our minds!!


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They have a specialty hot chocolate on the menu, with the chocolates shipped straight from Australia

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