The Cocktail Club

time Everyday: 5pm - 2am

Stylish speakeasy-style bar where the dim ambience glows, and the energy is as strong as the whiskey. Setting in for a lineup of craft cocktails, plus a rooftop terrace to watch the day turn to night. 


BY: Travis Platt Contributing writer

We are here to talk about a club. Not the kind you grab from a leather bag to smash a drive off a tee, or the one littered with bright lights and vanilla bass lines open until breakfast. This definitely isn’t the “Med” version that comes with a buffet line on a man-made beach, and in this one, a bloodied Tyler Durden isn’t calling the shots.

No, this Club is built upon the devotion to craft cocktails and unites a community in one of America’s oldest cities. And just like with any club, it comes endless spoils for its affiliates. The Cocktail Club in ol’ Chucktown offers a membership to anyone determined enough to walk through its door.

While your boots hit the deck, take notice of the garden of fresh-grown ingredients — this is where the soul of your finely tailored cocktail grew.

Tucked from plain view on upper King Street are four windows located above The Macintosh eatery. Built within the hundred-year-old brick carcass is your new Southern haven. Wood beams, an original fireplace, and salvaged doors keep the club intimate and bathed in a heady electric molasses glow.  The gents running the show exceed industry standards, and the unique exclusivity of the experience matches the name well — you just won’t find this anywhere else. Consider the motto of this society “Farm to Shaker” and hurry up and say your oath.

Plunge into the exclusive selection of house-made infusions, rare liquors, and a sharp-as-a-knife cocktail menu. Our go-to is the Holy Roller, Pierre Ferrand 1840 Cognac, Averna, St. George Spiced Pear Liqueur, and barrel-aged bitters. Entertaining a group? Go old school with a punch bowl for the crew to share.

With a bevvy in hand, head out to the club’s rooftop terrace to watch the sun split the last rays of the day through wooden-slated walls. While your boots hit the deck, take notice of the garden of fresh-grown ingredients — this is where the soul of your finely tailored cocktail grew. It was born from the very setting sun that paints the sky above the terrace golden orange each night, and when it sets, the club roars with the vigorous buzz of great minds.

If you find yourself in Charleston often, take the exclusivity to a whole new level and get the VIP Membership to never wait in line, take a cocktail class, and receive 50% off all Happy Hour prices.  Consider the VIP admission your first-class upgrade when flying above King Street in the only Club you need down south.


The building was made in 1881, imagine if these walls could talk

Be sure to plan for $5 Bourbon night on Wednesdays, and trust the drink list — it’s garden fresh

Ask bout C.C.’s VIP Membership for all the exclusive perks

Entertaining a crew? The Hemingway room & Side car room for are reserved for large private events