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The first step is to register your hands as deadly weapons. The second step is to visit Grifter Company in Charleston to outfit your lethal weapons, a store stocked with the best made in the USA motorcycle gloves and other quality goods to help you handle the velocity of life.


BY: Pete Whish Contributing writer

Unsatisfied with a mass-produced market of moto gloves, Grifter Company quite literally took matters *ahem* into their own hands (pun quota = achieved). Designing and crafting their own styles and fits, Grifter’s approach allows every rider the opportunity to represent their own style.

First and foremost, these handcrafted gloves are stitched to fit. With multiple styles cut from either bison or deer hide, the supple leather ages gracefully, as the fit cradles your hand a little closer with every use. It won’t be long until your gloves fit better than the custom-tailored suit that your not-quite-best-friend forced you to buy to be a groom at his wedding.

Whereas the speed limit loving, Volvo-driving suburban dad will notice the craftsmanship of the perfectly cut fingers as you flip the bird while passing him on the Interstate.

The various offerings from Grifter hit both traditional and contemporary notes. The blend of stylized materials, including the Mexican Serape Fabric lined ‘Bandelero’, will ensure that no matter where you sit on the McQueen Scale of Badassery, you’ll find the perfect glove from Grifter Company.

Your fellow riders will marvel in the attention to detail as you lend a friendly wave while crossing paths on the road. Whereas the speed limit loving, Volvo-driving suburban dad will notice the craftsmanship of the perfectly cut fingers as you flip the bird while passing him on the Interstate.

Though the brand was built on handcrafted moto gloves, don’t sleep on the other offerings from Grifter Company. Their shop tees hit the ideal balance between vintage American style and a contemporary fit. When you opt for two feet rather than two wheels, be sure to pocket Grifter’s hand-thrown ceramic flask. Crafted by a local artisan, this is the type flask in which any decade-old bourbon would be proud to live out their remaining hours before flying down the hatch.

‘Handcrafted in America’ is often paired with a reference to the past. What sets Grifter Company apart is their ability to combine a respectful nod to the history of classic moto-inspired style, while they simultaneously contribute to the new wave that defines today’s rider.

It doesn’t matter if you are a casual Sunday rider or a road tripping drifter, what you put on your hands hold great importance: you connect to your bike by touch, horsepower at your fingertips. Don’t mess around with some mass-produced mitten-like POS. Find your style or cut and hit the concrete on two wheels. And if your travels ever to lead you to Guam, for a measly 5 bucks you can legally register your hands as deadly weapons, Grifter Gloves optional.



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