The Daily

time Everyday: 7am - 5pm

The Daily is a neighborhood cafe and marketplace in Charleston that brings quality foods and drinks directly to your plate - and your shopping bag. While it is cleverly disguised as quiet and unassuming, this spot blasts the competition when it comes to delivering top-notch coffee, breakfasts and more. Handmade breads are baked on-site, so everyday items like avocado toast are elevated to a whole new level.


BY: Jeanie Lazaris Contributing writer

The Daily is one of those neighborhood spots where the vibe is good and the goods are even better. The black-and-tan-striped awnings outside are like a welcome mat for one of Charleston’s hippest spots that, with its southern charm and alluring aroma of fresh-brewed coffee, still feels just like coming home.

It would be a disservice to say this place is just a coffee shop. While they certainly serve up one of the best damn cups of coffee on the eastern seaboard, The Daily does so much more. With a trendy café and market all under one roof, The Daily are giving folks a reason to fall in love with Midtown.

They’ve partnered up with specialty roasters like Stumptown, to bring a taste of the Pacific Northwest 2,896 miles across the country to Chucktown.

Staples like fresh milk, eggs, and salad are ripe for the picking in the self-serve grocery case, along with specialty items like hummus and fresh coconut. This makes it the obvious choice to stop in for your cup of morning joe and then stick around to do your daily shopping.

The assortment of wines, craft beers, fresh juices, and baked goods make The Daily a local favorite for one-stop shopping. Seriously, who can resist grabbing some babka by the slice while picking up the groceries?

But we digress. Back to the caffeine. The Daily doesn’t just serve up a bold cup of wake-your-ass-up coffee. They’ve partnered up with specialty roasters like Stumptown, to bring a taste of the Pacific Northwest 2,896 miles across the country to Chucktown.

The menu is pretty thorough — they’ve got drip coffee, cold brew, macchiato, and cortado, just to name a few. And we can’t forget to mention the lattes: classic, chai, or matcha, take your pick. Have your coffee hot or cold, add a shot of espresso if you like, as long as you sit back and savor it the way a good cup of coffee should be enjoyed, because nothing this good should ever be rushed. Especially in the South.

The food menu by Butcher & Bee, which changes with the season, is just as badass as the coffee selection. Dishes are made from the freshest possible locally sourced ingredients and are designed with the flavors of Charleston in mind. Grab a Breakfast Pita stuffed with scrambled eggs and Israeli salad for something traditional. The Haloumi English Muffin is something everyone should try before they die — a grilled slice of  Cypriot cheese slathered in Feta butter and topped with a creamy fried egg, it’s been touched by God.

Whether you live in Charleston or are just visiting for a few days, scribble this neighborhood favorite down in your field guides. Stop in for your morning wake-up call and stick around for the grub. Whether you grab a coffee and a snack to go or sit down to enjoy the Southern hospitality, we’ve got a feeling you won’t be able to resist going back, on the daily…


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