Kudu Coffee & Craft Beer

Kudu Coffee and Craft Beer is locally owned, operated, and located in the heart of downtown Charleston. The location roasts their beans on-site and the offers the perfect backyard patio to relax and indulge with over twenty taps of killer beer.


BY: Travis Platt Contributing writer

Legend tells that when a springbok appears as one’s animal totem, it is teaching us the simple joys in life. The tale goes that this animal symbol is also a reminder for us to give 101% in everything that we do and to put efforts and excitement into work to let positive spirits affect surroundings. At Kudu Coffee & Craft Beer, you will find a signature emblem, the skull of a springbok.

Again, this is all folklore, but what’s Charleston without a little myth and legend? And in this case, it couldn’t be more spot on, because inside this brick-stacked establishment, you can find the splendors that enhance the thrill and enjoyment of each day, along with fuel to put the efforts of living an exciting life into motion.

Connecting people is a resilient principle in the foundation of Kudu’s overall mission: to enhance the community it stands proudly in.

Local liquids set the standard here. Whether you’re looking to start the day sharp or catch a second wind, the team serves the shop’s own appropriately named Springbok Coffee. It just so happens to be roasted a mile down the street out of Diedrich IR-12 (think a Mustang engine for coffee roasts). Hometown pride first, then check out the rotating list of single-origin coffees and espressos. The Kudu team is highly knowledgeable, so if it’s on the list, take their word for it and try it out.

Beyond the beans, you can find a wide variety of craft beers and wine unique to the Charleston area, as well as key selections form the around the U.S. and Europe. So when the cold brew vanishes down your throat and the day’s thoughts have been scribbled into your journal, ask for the daily Cask Ale, which is hand pulled through a beer engine.

The Kudu squad was so inspired by scout trips across the pond that they returned from one determined to install a hand pump in Kudu like the ones in old English pubs. With a stockpile of custom casks, Kudu has been working with local breweries to acquire exactly what they feel fit to pour from the device, giving birth to an English Pale Ale local to South Carolina. As the tale goes, that is 101% dedication to passion for the people.

Sip, relax, and grin. And note that you won’t find any phone zombies in Kudu, as something other than a Wi-Fi signal is filling the air. It’s echoes of stimulating conversation with the neighbor on the stool or table next to you, the way it should be. Connecting people is a resilient principle in the foundation of Kudu’s overall mission: to enhance the community it stands proudly in.

So the folklore appears to be true, because once you enter Kudu, you will find that positive spirits have most definitely affected the surroundings of this small Charleston staple. And just like the horns of the Springbok skull, Kudu rises up stronger and sharper with each season that passes.


The cafe also serves sandwiches and light bites

A sought after patio turns this coffee haven into a beer garden very quickly

Check out the daily cask brew, a gem in the city for any beer drinkers

Coffee is roasted on site and some of the best in the entire city, great place to start any day