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Men's store showcasing a stylish collection of  clothing, sneakers & accessories. Partnering with brands who share an enthusiasm for quality product, Indigo & Cotton promotes classic style while preserving just a hint of Charleston's distinctive look.


BY: Travis Platt Contributing writer

Detail is something that doesn’t go unnoticed in The Holy City. The roads carry a strong identifiable style that is deeply rooted through centuries of history and proudly connects that ancient spirit, like the Arthur Ravenal Bridge, to today’s modern times. When history is as thick as it is here, age-old style runs through the blood of the town’s inhabitants and is the sole lifestyle lived as a resident.

In our experience, a Chucktown perfect day to reflect this notion would include scarfing peel and eats, casting lines in salty marshes, ripping waves at Folly Beach, and falling asleep under a Southern-starred sky to a chorus of cicadas. Indigo & Cotton is a small storefront that tailors its perfect-day-defining curated selection of clothing and accessories for an active open-minded man whose modern soul has been touched by the history of Charleston.

Lace these bad boys up and cruise on a bike to see a sunset that’s been painting the houses along the battery since 1670.

A distinctive spirit of the South can be seen in the store’s classic picks, from knitwear to leather goods to the only denim and accessories you need to live fast with style and function. Sharp detail can be seen in items like the Work Shirt from Engineered Garments that will help any man stand out as strong as a whiskey neat during a social happy hour. With the Topo Designs Cozmo Pack, you can quickly trade any button-up and pants for the Monstera Swim Trunks for an impromptu trip to hit the salt water on the coast.

From cobbles to docks, Novesta Star Master are the choice kicks of Indigo & Cotton and scream classic style and utility. Lace these bad boys up and cruise on a bike to see a sunset that’s been painting the houses along the battery since 1670. Our Cyties pick-up? The Shuron Freeway Sunglasses, a must have for Southern day rays. Theses shades are a timeless Americana look, and the acetate frames so appropriately named are made right up the freeway of Palmetto State in Greenville.

Most of Charleston is preserved; the city itself has stories to tell from every lamp-lit corner. Whether you’re a modern man exploring American relics or someone passing through its happening culture, Indigo and Cotton is the brick and mortar needed to pick up the items that tell your own personal story of your time spent, be it long or not long enough. It caters to a life lived proud and free, especially during the unexpected escapades that exist down every road of the historic and detailed city that many call “the edge of America.”


The brand list at Indigo is very thought out, and includes top notch domestic labels, check it out here

Array of accessories ranging from bandanas, jewelry, leather goods to MOSCOT and Shuron frames

Seasonal pieces will have you looking sharp in any time of year

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