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B&GC is a modern speakeasy-style bar located within the Halcyon Hotel in Cherry Creek, Denver, CO. A playground to the curious cocktail lover and beyond, this mysterious gem creates an enticing experience before you even step foot into its belly.


BY: Dakota Nate Contributing writer

The art of the proper night out dates back centuries. For ages upon ages, taking time to socialize and unwind after the monotony of daily life has been a right of passage to adults everywhere seeking refuge from their boring day-to-day routines–more often than not, at the bottom of a bottle. In the first half of the 20th century, however, a little something called Prohibition changed how people spent their free time after hours. Although the law banned any manufacturing, sale, or transportation of alcohol for thirteen years, that didn’t stop Americans from doing whatever they had to do in order to get their recreational fix. Thus, the speakeasy was born.

Once a way to bootleg, smuggle, and enjoy hooch in a pressureless, and often co-ed environment, speakeasies became the underground means to an end for the nation’s forced sobriety. Of course, once Prohibition was repealed, boozy business picked up right where it left off, and now decades later in the modern age, speakeasies have become quite a trend. Typically with an unassuming or hidden entryway, a set of rules, and the exclusivity of the “reservations only” rule, with a little bit of digging you can most likely find a speakeasy-style bar near you. If you happen to find yourself out on the town in the Mile High City we have just the place for you. This particular night out begins with two important components: a golden doorbell and a phone number.

With a maximum capacity of 44 people, this unique take on the speakeasy gives you a literal taste of the opulence of post World War ll cocktail culture in America.

As you approach the alley between 2nd and 3rd Avenue, don’t be weary, you’re almost there. A door marked “Stair 3,” and a golden doorbell is what you’re looking for. If you’ve planned well, you have already acquired the phone number and have made your reservation. No need to worry if you haven’t, all hope is not yet lost. Just ring the doorbell to find out if there’s space for you and your group–and you better thank your lucky stars if there is. Encased within the popular Halcyon Hotel located amidst prominent dining and shopping sites in the upscale neighborhood of Cherry Creek, once you pass through the door into a dank and quiet storage room, you are merely steps from your exclusive subterranean destination: B&GC.

The name stands for Boys & Girls Club, but don’t expect t-ball or art classes here. With a maximum capacity of 44 people, this unique take on the speakeasy gives you a literal taste of the opulence of post World War ll cocktail culture in America. As you enter, you are welcomed into an epicurean paradise. Sumptuously upholstered booths line the outside wall while the bar stands proudly at center stage. In addition to a lavish list of their own specialty cocktails, a selection of standard cocktails are always an option–like a Whiskey Sour made the right way: with frothy egg white, or a daiquiri made with their own B&GC rum blend. Also adorning their menu straight out of yesteryear is a generous range of spirits, wines by the glass, and bottled beers. Of course, a palatial menu of small plates and sweets are available for patrons with a growling belly.

If you do a quick Google search of B&GC, you’ll find their enigmatic website with a photo of the aforementioned doorbell, a short introduction, and those mysterious digits. Don’t even bother searching for it on any map, instead just make your way to Halcyon. Open nightly for the inquisitive bargoer, ring the bell and discover all of what B&GC has to offer you.


How to make a reservation? Text, don’t call, 720.925.8598

Around the back of Halcyon, is an unmarked door with a light above it, next to it is a golden doorbell, push and the rest is history

Check out B&GC’s fierce cocktail menu here

Denver local? Look into becoming a member of this elusive cocktail den and live by B&GC’s motto: “When you have a choice, choose happy.”