Green Russell

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Sun - Thurs: 5pm - 11:45pm
  • Sun - Thurs: 5pm - 11:45pm
  • Fri - Sat: 5pm - 12:45am

Head down to this stylish underground lair that's devoted to custom libations and small plates from chef-partner Frank Bonnano. Aesthetically, this well-designed bar takes the cake (or shall we say pie). With bespoke cocktails, delicious food, and a handsome look, this cocktail quarry is a gold mine.  


BY: Ryan Kirk Contributing writer

In the 1800s, an adventurous William Green Russell led a pack of men on a gold-mining expedition from Georgia to Colorado. He courageously set a path to the Colorado gold rush and created history in the Centennial State. So it’s no surprise that a man who dedicated his life to gold has a bar named after him that is as pure as the substance that he set out to find. Let’s just say that if we were giving out gold medals for coolest bars, this place would have enough hardware to make Michael Phelps jealous.

It’s kind of like breaking open a piece of gold and finding a nice shiny diamond staring you right in eyes.

Like any gold mine, the bar’s location is best kept a secret. But for you, it’s one we’ll share. When downtown in Larimer Square, go through Wednesday’s Pie and head passed the swinging door to this underground cocktail quarry. While the wooden bar might be surrounded by rock walls, there is no axe or pick needed to find your prize in this treasure trove. Take a seat on one of the enticing red-patterned chairs or find comfort in a distinguished booth.

Inside the bar, you’ll find Bar 1. That’s right — a bar inside a bar. It’s kind of like breaking open a piece of gold and finding a nice shiny diamond staring you right in eyes. Bar 1 is a great spot for large parties or a fine place to throw one back while waiting to enter Green Russell. The inside captures the essence of a mine shaft, with wooden fixtures, lanterns, and old curtains. They’ve even got a large photo up of Mr. William Green Russell himself.

Green Russell is a modern-day speakeasy designed for the gentleman who enjoys quiet conversation and handcrafted cocktails. Live jazz is played a few nights a week, and cocktails are meticulously developed with a golden touch.  Come ready to taste some house-made bitters, infusions, and regional spirits. It’s almost too easy to say, but your night has officially just struck gold.


If the ex won’t leave you alone, take all cell phone calls in the phone booth – don’t be a bother to the rest of the bar

If you’re hungry they’ve got small plates from chef-partner Frank Bonnano

Don’t get distracted by the Pies on the way in, the smell can easily lead to a delay in your plans

Pay close attention to the rules. Think of them as your commandements of the night. Thou shalt obey