Williams & Graham

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time Everyday: 5pm - 1am

Williams & Graham is a prohibition-era speakeasy in a corner bookstore. Featuring handcrafted cocktails and small plates, this tucked away tavern is an elite option for distinguished, bespoke vices. 


BY: Travis Platt Contributing writer

When we first set sights to pursue Williams & Graham, it was a cold Denver night, a frosted street reflected green to red at what seemed like a lonesome intersection in LoHi. Amber lights from the corner bookstore beckoned to us, with a glow promising warmth and satisfaction. We soon found ourselves hailed by W&G’s elusive entrance, which led us to a Mile High speakeasy with an avalanche of cocktails. W&G’s collection has landed it among the best 50 bars on the face of the planet.

these award-winning cocktail pros make your handcrafted drink appear out of thin air.

The light inside is much like the color of scotch, golden and boldly cast from small lampshades, illuminating the wide selection of bottled greatness. Cavernous seats are offered for patrons to disappear out of the glow and create their own reflection of the day.

But the real show inside W&G is at the bar, where the night’s thirsty audience sits elbow to elbow like a chair lift. You don’t want to miss these award-winning cocktail pros make your handcrafted drink appear out of thin air. Cocktails like the W&G Rock & Rye with Rittenhouse rye whiskey, infused lemon & orange peel, cinnamon, clove, horehound, and seasonal fruits will keep your toes biting back at any hungry frost in  the winter months.

There is something astonishing happening to the cocktail scene in Denver. It’s a new kind of gold rush in the mountains, with the kind of gold that can be poured, manipulated, and served with priceless taste — and Williams & Graham has struck it. We recommend starting your night here and seeing the place that has opened the door for collective progressive thought in the local bar industry. When it comes to setting the standard, many are looking up towards the mountains these days, and Williams & Graham is at the highest peak.


Our CYTIES cocktail recommendation is the The Red Wedding – we assure you, it’s a much better ending than  the Game of Thrones episode…

Head into the bookstore, get lost in a sea of literature, followed by a maze of whiskey. You’ll need an Uber tonight

If you can, belly up at the bar, and watch the cocktail authors behind the bar write the climax of your evening

Williams & Graham is an award winning bar. It’s easy to understand why after diving in