Amethyst Coffee Company

Amethyst Coffee Co. creates carefully crafted coffee drinks and teas that are served in an airy and modern space. The shop has a cozy patio and fire pit to help keep you warm during Denver's beautiful, but chilly months. 


BY: Ryan Kirk Contributing writer

Amethyst Coffee Company is the coffee shop that every big city wants but hardly ever actually gets. They are more than a coffee shop — they are an idea. An idea based on the fact that uncertainty is okay, its welcomed.  But personal engagement and attention to detail is not questioned, its required. They have taken a feeling that has worked over and over again in dive bars across the world and applied it to their establishment. The feeling you get when you walk into your neighborhood watering hole and the bartender slides you a cold one before you can even say hello. Not to say that your latte is sitting in a Pabst ice cooler, because we can assure you it’s not, as all coffees are individualized and specific for every customer, every time.

Amethyst is cool without trying, and it comes so damn easy to them.

Amethyst was created by Elle Taylor, who, after working as a professional barista for coffee shops on the east coast and in Denver, realized that her journey had led her to start her own. The shop is named after the birthstone of Taylor’s father, who was born on February 18th. The store was set to open in January, but as destiny would have it, the last inspection signature didn’t come until February 17th, allowing the doors to finally swing open on that significant day of February 18th.

The shop’s main roaster is the prestigious Commonwealth Coffee. Taylor’s nomination came from their distinctive philosophy: Coffee should be roasted to its highest potential, not just to a particular method or profile. They also use a guest roaster that is changed out every three to four months, allowing for their following of avid coffee drinkers to continually try new roasters. It’s just like when your bartender changes out one of the beer taps every few months; you always know your favorite is there, but how excited are you to taste that new stash?

All this bar talk brings us to our final point. Amethyst isn’t interested in only helping you start your day; they also want to help you end it. Cocktails are served in the afternoons and evenings to aid you in putting a cap on your day — or kicking off your night. Amethyst is an idea, and while it may be uncertain who is coming in, where they are coming from, or how long they will stay, there’s one thing that is always certain: every beverage will be made with efficiency and a deep understanding of what you like or don’t like.

There are no roasting machines visible to everyone who walks in, they don’t have motorcycles outlining their parking lot, and the staff doesn’t just expect you to order a cold brew before asking for one. Amethyst is cool without trying, and it comes so damn easy to them.


Grab a seat at the bar, pick up up the local paper and sip on something bold or strong

Amethyst creates carefully crafted coffee in a modern surrounding. Who ever said aesthetics don’t matter, hasn’t been to Amethyst

During the winter months in Denver, grab a patio seat by the fire pit, and enjoy your bold cup of jo while warming your hands

House roast: Commonwealth Coffee Roasters