Corvus Coffee Roasters

Corvus Coffee Roasters is an artisanal coffee roastery and cafe serving espresso drinks and more in a stylish, industrial shop. With two locations in the Mile High City, they've secured themselves as a top player in the Denver coffee game.  


BY: Ryan Kirk Contributing writer

There are two types of fellas in this world. There’s the man who enjoys his morning stroll to the local coffee shop, and ordering from a barista who can recite his order before he can muster out the words. And then there is the gent who has come to appreciate the art of brewing his morning jolt in the comfort of his own natural habitat. Whichever type of man you are, Corvus Coffee has you covered. Their physical location is in Denver, and while the flagship roastery and espresso bar resides in the Mile High City, their coffee calls residences all around the world its home.  The small-batch roastery is more than a coffee shop, as they provide a subscription service to bean lovers everywhere.

There is a high likelihood that after trying this coffee once, that the black raven that stands out in their logo, will find itself being delivered to your doorstep.

The name Corvus represents a genus of birds like the blackbird, the crow, and most importantly, the raven. Legend has it that Kaldi, who was known for discovering the first coffee plant around 750 AD, was led there by the call of a raven. The familiar bird stands tall in the Corvus logo as an indication that they are here to lead, help others succeed, and approach coffee intelligently.

The dogma at Corvus is that the quality of the coffee is a direct result of the quality of the farm, which has resulted in sourcing from countries like Colombia, Brazil, Peru, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Panama, and Ethiopia. While Corvus has made coffee an addiction, hoarding is not an accurate description, as they roast only two to three times a week, avoiding any backstock.

The flagship store is decked out in metal and wood, reinforcing their identity as a roaster and giving the shop a very industrial appearance. When in Denver, we highly recommend a visit, as it’s very evident that the team behind this product are as passionate to fuel you up as you are to consume it.

There is a high likelihood that after trying this coffee once, that the black raven that stands out in their logo, will find itself being delivered to your doorstep.  Their subscription service has become a staple, and enables people everywhere to taste coffee from literally all over the world.  So as you ponder weak and weary, you may hear a quiet tapping, a rapping on your front door. Rest assured that Corvus Coffee is here to energize, as you will now be a devoted customer, from here on out, forevermore.


No sweat if you’re not a local, hop on their subscription service, and have their delicious coffee delivered to your doorstep

The coffee mugs they have for sale are hard to resist. So don’t!

The diggs inside are inviting, as it keep a stylish, industrial aesthetic

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