Thump Coffee

time Everyday: 6am - 7pm

Thump Coffee serves house-roasted beans and espresso beverages in a minimalist space with exposed brick and plenty of seating. Trek through to get the morning started, or hang with like minded coffee enthusiasts while warming your soul and enticing your spirit with some of the best coffee beans Denver has to offer.


BY: Travis Platt Contributing writer

The storm hit like a tidal wave, and Thump coffee warmed the soul. But let’s start from the beginning.

When driving through the mountain roads of Colorado, it is widely known that unpredictable paths wait to greet you. Precise focus is required when maneuvering through bends and curves around the state’s picturesque landscape. As a driver with a set destination, any would hope for a smooth ride with a damn good view (and of course a solid soundtrack vibrating from the speakers). In our case, we hit a storm. What pushed us forward was the determination to reach the lights of the Mile High City — it was our CYTIES mission and promise.

Thump is designed to guide the direction of your day and drive you towards your next life adventure.

This is unquestionably a metaphor for daily life, and we all can agree that sometimes the road offers the unforeseen. In Denver, consider your life’s pistons powered by Thump Coffee and know that the dedication to the craft of house-roasted espresso will push you through rocky terrain.

Centrally located in the heart of Capitol Hill, Thump is designed to guide the direction of your day and drive you towards your next life adventure. And along the journey, they don’t want you to just drink coffee but to experience it.

If you’ve ever been to Capitol Hill, then you know the area is widely known for its historic mansions that stand tall and proud. The coffee at Thump is a nod to the classic neighborhood, delivering big, bold, sturdy, and rich flavor. Confidently stated on the two espresso machines is the written commitment to Thump’s caffeinated operation: GENUINE COFFEE

And genuine it is indeed. It was the perfect salutation we needed after our mountain monsoon. We hung our Filson jackets and dried off our Red Wing boots within the exposed brick setting, and instantly, we were invited into the communal atmosphere that’s always buzzing as strong as the brew in your porcelain cup.

We made it through the storm, the skies parted as our tires roared out of the boulders and into Denver, and Thump offered the perfect cup of coffee bliss for us to sit back and watch the clouds open up. Thump is more than just a minimalist coffee house — it’s shelter from the storm and fuel for the path ahead to help you turn your key each day.


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