Berkeley Supply

Mon - Sat: 11am - 6pm
  • Mon - Sat: 11am - 6pm
  • Sun: 10am - 5pm

Berkeley Supply Co. is a pair of men's shop in Denver pedaling gear from shirts, jackets, pants, shoes and American made bags. Roll into one of the two brick-and-mortars with confidence knowing Berkeley is CYTIES go-to spot for style in the Mile High City.


BY: Travis Platt Contributing writer

If your wandering eyes hadn’t witnessed the bustle of Tennyson Street beforehand, then there is a chance when walking into Berkeley Supply Co. that you might assume you’ve entered a snug cabin off a beaten trail in the cavernous Rocky Mountains. This is the sentiment that this supply store offers when you walk through the front door. Their atmosphere echoes the deep breath of gratification taken after a long frozen journey towards the welcome reward of warmth and comfort.

90% of what’s found in the store has been worn or tested by Eli himself — now that’s dedication.

Berkeley is an outfitter of much-needed products that keep the cold off your back and supply items that are built to last. And this store stands for something greater than just a space to buy things. Owner Eli Cox had a goal: to spread word of the items that have mattered the most to him his entire life, and to supply these items for the great people of Denver.

Items from Railcar, Filson, and Rogue Territory are offered with the intention to change the way you think about what you choose wear each day. 90% of what’s found in the store has been worn or tested by Eli himself — now that’s dedication. You can find the same devoted determination all the way down to the polished tables through out the store, made by his father out of a red oak tree from his grandmother’s house. These are the kind of touches that make Berkeley an American staple for style and function.

After visiting this outfitter and holding a conversation with Eli on how important it is that “the items we wear, we make our own,” we are reminded of the notion that simple fashion is industry, but hard-nosed style is culture. And the culture that exists at Berkeley Supply Co. is something that makes a difference in a man’s life.

Who knows, maybe one day Eli will set off to open a Berkeley deep in the Rockies to fully put to test the jackets, denim, and boots he is committed to. And if so, we at CYTIES will be packing a hearty lunch and strapping on some snowshoes for the long trek to visit as often as possible.


Featured brands – where do we start  – Stetson, 3Sixteen, Tanner Goods, Rogue Territory, Filson, Red Wings Heritage, the list goes on and on and on

With two locations in Denver, there is no excuse to be walking around with jeans that don’t fit

Their new diggs is at Dairy Block. If you’re traveling to Denver, grab a room at The Maven

Tell store owner Eli CYTIES says what’s up!