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Ratio Clothing is a casual outfitter showcasing custom-made, high-quality, button-down shirts for men. When the sheets of the weekend are ripped off of us like a bandaid, and the work week creeps in, sometimes a collared shirt is a necessity, and when it is, a tailored fit is vital. 


BY: Travis Platt Contributing writer



The quantitative relation between two amounts showing the number of times one value contains or is contained within the other.

Ratio Clothing’s vision of custom-fit clothes applies to the mathematical definition above, as value is of great significance and is consistently contained within the identity and lifestyle of the brand.

You don’t need a calculator when adding up the significant impact that Ratio has quickly made on the city of Denver and beyond. A formula of custom American-made shirts and jackets has defined their belief that clothing is one of the most important and personal items you can buy.

Ratio offers a wardrobe as sharp as a knife and will boldly stand out on any busy street corner.

This simple equation started in 2009, when founder Eric Powell set out to bring a modern approach to apparel with personification. Today, in an era where a casual look is often just as important on the weekends as it is in any professional setting, Ratio multiplies its importance to all modern men.

Something we enjoy the most when seeking our CYTIES staples is the process, and Ratio Clothing’s Denver showroom is a nod to past traditions with a heavy focus on modern practices. Head in the LoHi shop and ask for a drink from the shop bar to loosen up the soul, then get measured up for a dress shirt. The man doing the calculations here isn’t just adding numbers — he’s taking the detailed figures for any clothing you need from that day forward and saving them in the most advanced made to measure system in the industry.

Dive into premium materials and fabrics to construct your look. Customize your shirt in exquisite detail, with endless choices from stripes to grid lines to plaid. Stay focused when it comes to the fabric, as the variety ranges from oxford to flannel to seersucker and beyond. The piece is assembled all the way down to the buttons, and once it’s complete, you can custom order online, and your perfect fit will be delivered to you anywhere.

Ratio offers a wardrobe as sharp as a knife and will boldly stand out on any busy street corner. The well-thought-out colors will slice through any geysers of steam from a nearby manhole and put you ahead of the crowd. The simple concept is something men deserve, and the showroom in Denver is a testament to how custom clothing should be done.

It’s not quite often we would mention a calculator and a knife in one feature, but somehow when reflecting on Ratio Clothing, it makes perfect sense. Once you come to Ratio, your personal look is set for life and built for success. It’s pretty easy to see why you should set a course to the Denver Showroom when cruising above sea level streets…just do the math.


American construction with 55 years experience

If you’re not 100% satisfied with your first shirt, they’ll alter or remake for free

Williams & Graham is right up the road. Stroll in for a cocktail after getting fitted

It’s all in the fit, if you haven’t learned that yet, you may need to go back to the basics