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The Midwest is best and Detroit Mercantile Co. is no exception. Motor City knows what style means. Stop by this hidden gem for quality clothes, trinkets, and accessories.


BY: Sam Faktorow Contributing writer

In many ways, the Midwest is truly the best. The kind, hearty people of America’s heartland know a thing or two about good food, good company, good manners, and, of course, good style and decor. The Motor City of Detroit, Michigan, is no exception.

Located in Eastern Market is the Detroit Mercantile Co. Through a sustained commitment to style and sensibility, the shop has been able to carve out its place in the world of menswear. When you step through the brick storefront, you immediately feel a debonair sense of both calm and cool. It’s easy to see why people can get lost in here!

After several generations of ownership, Detroit Mercantile Co. has perfected the art of manliness and virility in their exciting blend of vintage and modern

There is a special and inspiring aesthetic here for nearly every kind of man. From the casual t-shirt and jeans dude to the old-school vintage gentleman to the rugged individual setting out for adventures and excitement, Detroit Mercantile is here to outfit you in your best look possible for any occasion.

Rows upon rows of unique jackets, graphic tees, and distinctive hats create an unparalleled shopping experience and an atmosphere that leaves every man smiling and revitalized. Various Michigan and other Midwestern memorabilia hang from the ceilings; it’s hard to forget your place on the Mitten in here  especially since a short walk down the street spits you right out at the Detroit River.

Hard work, perseverance, and tenacity deserve rewards. At Detroit Mercantile, you can see those rewards up close. Beyond clothes, you can also find speciality home goods, children’s toys, books, games, and other great gifts for yourself and your loved ones. After several generations of ownership, Detroit Mercantile Co. has perfected the art of manliness and virility in their exciting blend of vintage and modern. Stop by next time you’re in Motown and you’ll finally truly understand the phrase “Midwestern Nice.”


Our CYTIES pickup: Grab a pair of  their Wolverine boots. They’ll keep you warm and stylish, while trekking through the snow

For the winter months, grab one of their Carhartt knit caps. These locally made beanies will keep your ears nice and toasty through the frigid months

They’ve got solid selections of vintage goods. Pick between sterling silver zippo lighters, vintage railroad keychains, and a reproduction 1923 Corktown map

Live above the clouds in their American Optical Pilot Sunglasses

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