01 Jul Master & Dynamic MW75 Headphones
02 Jul Tommy Guerrero - Road to Knowhere
03 Jul Sailing the Seas
04 Jul Helm Boots Charlie
05 Jul Filson x Brant & Cochran Dirigo Belt Axe
06 Jul Able Carry Cooler
07 Jul Public Goods Deodorant
08 Jul G-Shock GBA900UU-3A
09 Jul Tom Petty - An American Treasure
10 Jul Cinema Speculation by Quentin Tarantino
11 Jul Todd Snyder X Randolph Aviator
12 Jul HEX Sling XL
13 Jul Banks Journal Mahalo Trunks
14 Jul Fellow Products Caffeinated Cranium Mug
15 Jul Topo Dirt Jacket
16 Jul Eric Dolphy - Out to Lunch!
17 Jul How To Build A Car
18 Jul coming soon James Brand Redstone
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18 Jul
19 Jul coming soon Taylor Stitch Slim Jean
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19 Jul
20 Jul coming soon Craighill Offset Keyring
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20 Jul
21 Jul coming soon XGMI HORIZON Pro
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21 Jul
22 Jul coming soon GOT Bag Weekender
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22 Jul
23 Jul coming soon LCD Soundsystem - London Sessions
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23 Jul
24 Jul coming soon Soft Electronics
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24 Jul
25 Jul coming soon KeySmart ChargeBook
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25 Jul
26 Jul coming soon Thrills Roadhouse 5 Panel
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26 Jul
27 Jul coming soon Manual Pour Over
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27 Jul
28 Jul coming soon ASICS Japan S
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28 Jul
29 Jul coming soon AETHER Laurentic Crew
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29 Jul
30 Jul coming soon Built to Spill - Ancient Melodies of the Future
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30 Jul
31 Jul coming soon Helmut Newton. Legacy
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31 Jul


The GEAR GRID is designed to support small business brands that aim to break the mold. Our team scours the globe to find these well-designed objects, collected to enhance the lifestyle of who we believe the modern explorer is: a hard worker, a free thinker, and most certainly a world traveler. Drop in as a regular to find curated essentials in the categories of apparel, grooming, watches, bags, tech, and more, also including books and classic vinyl to set the tone on the weekends.