01 May RAEN Optics
02 May Willie Nelson: Phases and Stages
03 May Rock, Paper, Scissors
04 May Parallel x League Denim Trucker
05 May Pasote Blanco Tequila
06 May Nisolo Andres Boot
07 May Fellow Stagg EKG Electric Kettle
08 May Jack Black Beard Oil
09 May Arctic Monkeys / Whatever People Say I am,That's What I'm Not
10 May Basquiat-isms
11 May Bilio Koala Mask
12 May Taylor Stitch Chore Pant
13 May Miir Can Chiller
14 May Topo Designs Classic Crew
15 May Luno Life Air Mattress 2.0
16 May John Coltrane / Blue Train
17 May NASA Archives. 60 Years in Space
18 May Duke Cannon Big Ass Beer Soap on a Rope
19 May Little Owl Coffee
20 May Outerknown Blanket Shirt
21 May Hydro Flask Soft Cooler Pack
22 May PF Flyer Sandlot Center Hi
23 May White Stripes / Elephant
24 May Where Architects Sleep
25 May Gerber Quadrant Bamboo
26 May HEX Aspect Duffel
27 May Mission Workshop Farik 5 Panel
28 May Printworks Classic Backgammon
29 May exclusive Moment WFH Webcam Set
30 May Prince: Sign O' The Times
31 May BRUMMM #4


The GEAR GRID is designed to support small business brands that aim to break the mold. Our team scours the globe to find these well-designed objects, collected to enhance the lifestyle of who we believe the modern explorer is: a hard worker, a free thinker, and most certainly a world traveler. Drop in as a regular to find curated essentials in the categories of apparel, grooming, watches, bags, tech, and more, also including books and classic vinyl to set the tone on the weekends.