our favorite grabs this holiday season


  • December 19, 2022
  • Wardrobe
  • By: Andrew Williams

Tis the season for mulled wine, merriment, and a little mischief — just not too much; Santa is keeping tabs. In that spirit, we’re gifting you a rundown of our favorite things from 2022 to help you deliver can’t-miss, must-have presents to your friends and family. From a timeless leather jacket to galactic playing cards, a nostalgic hoodie collab, to a smooth bourbon engineered in the heart of wine country, and more, we hit all the notes. You also have our permission to get a little something for yourself. We won’t tell — you’ve earned it.

The CYTIES Editorial Team


Bruiser Leather Moto Jacket (Buck Mason)

There’s nothing more iconic than a leather jacket. Buck Mason has designed a stunning moto-style piece with a vintage fit that’s cut from semi-vegetable tanned lambskin. It’s supple, dapper, and classic. If you get nothing else on this list, get this. 


The Ball Cap in Organic Denim (Taylor Stitch)

Baseball may no longer be America’s pastime, but a ball cap remains dyed into the fabric of American style. This 14 oz. 100% cotton denim take on it by Taylor Stitch will quickly become a wardrobe staple. It’s equipped with a natural leather strap and antique brass buckle closure and is finished with front-and-center stitching of the brand’s “TS” logo. 


Postalco Swimming in Puddles: Questioning and Making at Postalco, Mike and Yuri Abelson

As we were checking out a shop in Seattle’s Capital Hill neighborhood this fall, one employer shared that this is the ultimate go-to resource for creative inspiration. The theme challenges the counter-intuitive notion of swimming in a puddle, a thin layer of water with an arbitrary shape. It’s a call to see the everyday possibility of things. Add it to your arsenal to take on 2023.  



WH-1000XM4 Wireless Noise-Cancelling (Sony)

Once you’re in the airplane seat, it’s time to tune out. Sony’s Wireless Noise-Cancelling headphones are the perfect companion. They enable you to personalize and control sound, include a speak-to-chat feature, 30 hours of battery life, and more. These are among the best on the market; we don’t fly without them.


Star Wars Playing Cards (Theory11)

We love playing cards, and we love Star Wars (thanks for making us love it even more, Andor). This is the best of both worlds, or galaxies, if you’re being literal. Seriously though, these cards are sleek, meticulously crafted, and made in America—a trifecta. 


Trench Boot (Oak Street Bootmakers)

In our search for the perfect everyday, year-round boot, Oak Street Bootmakers Trench Boot came pretty damn close. Its style is based on the WWI US Army M1918 Boot, with true Goodyear Welt construction with Barbour® welt, calfskin vamp lining, and a partially-structured toe. Truly a #hittheconcrete essential. Did we mention they look great with everything? 


Redwood Empire Pipe Dream Bourbon

We were told that the only thing they should make in Sonoma is wine until that same person tried this bourbon. We haven’t heard a peep from them since. It’s an affordably priced masterpiece, whose “nose boasts notes of caramel and vanilla while the palate is met with complex flavors of roasted pecan, tobacco, and a hint of black pepper on the finish.” It’s outstanding. 


Todd Snyder x Peanuts French Terry New York Hoodie

There is arguably nothing more nostalgic than Snoopy. Don’t waste any time snagging this limited edition hoodie from Todd Synder’s capsule collection with the Peanuts® Gang. The design was inspired by Todd’s personal 70s Champion archives, toss it under the leather to steal the show, and celebrate NYC and a deep love for the best pizza.


Greeting Cards (Oh Hey Fck You)

Add a little flare to your gifting with these stylish cards from D.C.-based artist Charlie Visconage and the team at Oh Hey Fck You. From motorcycles to dogs on rockets, adorable pets to fruit, crude jokes, and more, there’s something for everyone.


3GG Crew Neck Sweater (Filson)

No one should EVER underestimate a go-to sweater; it’s crucial this time of year. Crafted in Scotland using a seam-free knitting technique for comfort and durability is Filsons’ 3GG Crewneck Sweater. Once it made its way into our co-founder Travis’s life, it never left. With a special seam-free knitting technique for comfort and durability, it’s as comfortable as it is functional. Collar, cuffs, and hem are rib-knit to seal in warmth and hold their shape.


Original Cabin (Rimowa)

It’s fair to say we like to travel… This cabin bag is made from high-end anodized aluminum and engineered with longevity in mind. It’s surprisingly lightweight and designed to fit in most airplane overhead compartments. It will make you feel like Tony Stark as you glide through the terminal; worth every penny.


Ti5 Slim Wallet (Machine Era)

A wallet is a hell of a gift, and this one right here will change your life. Listen to us when we say you will never buy another cardholder after this. Machine Era Co. Ti5 Wallet is the slimmest, lightest, and strongest you’ll find on the market.  By utilizing the superior properties of aerospace (Grade 5) 6al-4v Titanium, Machine Era was able to create an ultra-light, ultra-durable,  good-looking, all-around superb piece of EDC. Did we mention it also is a bottle opener?


Yonder Water Bottle (Yeti)

As we all get a little older we realize one thing, hydration is seriously important. Yeti’s new Yonder Plastic Water Bottle is lighter so you can go further. Made of durable safe BPA-Free material, it’s virtually shatterproof. Spin the top off for big gulps, and twist off the bottom when you’re ready to refill or wash it. Stay hydrated, folks.


Airfly 2

The gadget that goes a long way for any Modern Explorer, yes, this finally exists. AirFly is a wireless adapter that lets you use your wireless headphones or earbuds in places with only a headphone jack, like airplanes. Now you can kick back and enjoy the in-flight-entertainment with the wireless headphones you deserve.


Huckberry x Craighill - Exclusive EDC Kit

This must-have key set is from our pals from Huckberry, who teamed up with the kings of carrying, Craighill, and may be the ultimate mini EDC Kit of all time. These thoughtfully considered daily essentials are sleek and handsome and come in a nifty gift box. Embrace your own inner James Bond and equip your key ring with this set-up, you won’t be sorry; you’ll be ready.