A celebratory sip for when you reach your destination


Here at CYTIES, we enjoy a nice pour of bourbon or rye whiskey, especially as our clocks tick closer to fall. When looking for whiskey advice, we rely on our friendly neighborhood bartender to lead us in the right direction —Chris Blatner, aka Urban Bourbonist. What are Chris’s credentials? He’s an Executive Bourbon Steward through the Stave & Thief Society, runs the popular Instagram page @urbanbourbonist, and hosts the live talk show The Urban Bourbon Hour. Let’s just say he knows a little something about the coveted spirit. This will be the first piece in what we think will become your go-to resource for all things whiskey through the seasons. Take it away, Chris.


When you hit the road for an adventure, it’s all about traveling light and bringing only the essentials to enhance the experience. No road trip is complete without a great bottle of whiskey to share with your tripmates when you reach your destination. Like everything else you’re bringing along, you want to keep your booze simple.

I’ve put together a list of five American whiskeys that are infused with bold flavors from “finishing.” Which is just to say they were aged a bit longer, in a second, and occasionally third, barrel that previously held other spirits, syrups, or liqueurs. And sometimes, the secondary barrels are heavily charred or toasted to impart new flavors to the whiskey. Because of the robust character of these whiskeys, you won’t need to bring any additional mixers or other ingredients. Just pick one and enjoy it when you reach your refuge.

Double Oak Finish

This Bourbon gets sweet chocolate and caramel corn flavors after spending several months in a heavily charred second barrel. Grab this bottle if your destination involves a campfire and lots of s’mores.

Old Forester 1910

Port Wine Finish

This blend of rye whiskeys is layered full of black cherries and fig jam from time spent in French oak port barrels. Grab this bottle if you’re heading for the mountains; it’s the perfect pour après ski.

High West A Midwinter Night's Dram

Maple Syrup Finish

This Bourbon is like liquid pancakes. It’s buttery with a touch of sweetness after spending 6 months in a used maple syrup barrel. Bring this bottle along if you’re chasing the fall colors and chilly temperatures.

Taconic Distillery Double Barrel Maple Bourbon

Triple Cask Finish

This straight rye whiskey is triple finished in barrels that make up a classic Manhattan cocktail: vermouth, bitters, and cherry brandy. This is as close as you can get to a bottled cocktail. Expect flavors of fresh herbs, vanilla, and lively kick of cherry. Put this bottle in your bag if you’re heading for the bright lights of the big city.

Sagamore Spirit Manhattan Finish Rye

Cigar Blend

A blend of well-aged Bourbons that have been finished in Armagnac, sherry, and cognac barrels. This whiskey is rich with deep leather, tobacco, vanilla, and layers of dark stewed fruits. As the name suggests, it pairs well with a fine cigar. This bottle should be included on any trip that’s going to involve late nights and thoughtful conversations.

Jos. A. Magnus & Co. Cigar Blend Bourbon


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