June’s arrival has made it official, time for summer breezes. As the marine layers disperse with a sunrise to welcome this new month, the mind drifts to that endless summer feeling. Say hello to Hazy IPAs, pool lounging, and long lazy afternoons in the sand. June’s Catalog is dedicated to getting away, finding a much needed unplug after a very wild couple months, and the color scheme and objects are motivated by the golden California coast. Featured brands in the layout include Taylor Stitch, Bexar Goods, VAER, Craighill, Bradley Mountain, Aesop, RAEN, Pelican, Filson, and Nisolo. Each item includes a BUY NOW button that’ll take you directly to the secure channel for a purchase. Support local businesses, look fly, and always, look forward.

Taylor Stitch: Short Sleeve California in Southwestern Star

This short-sleeve California button-up shirt screams that summer is here from the top of Mount Whitney to the depths of the Pacific. We’ve veered away this month from our precious color of black, to breathe a little life into your wardrobe, and this lightweight, pillow-soft, yet somehow remarkably sturdy shirt is exactly what the style doctor ordered.


Filson: Dryden Backpack 

This pack is designed to withstand the bumps, bruises, and scratches of a journey well-traveled. The Dryden by Filson meets all the requirements of a good bag—ready for adventure and most certainly your everyday carry until Winter. Constructed from nylon, it’s finished off with Birdie Leather and heavy-duty coil zippers. Filson has been around for over 100 years, so it’s safe to say you can trust this brand when it comes to American heritage style and bags.


RAEN Wiley + Elko Acetate Ltd. Collab

There may not be a better tag team for EDC than RAEN and James Knife, as they teamed up to bring you a custom Sierra Tortoise colorway of two of their best-selling pieces: RAEN’s slick and sought after Wiley sunglasses, and James’ sleek pocket-sized Elko knife. Summer adventures call for both of these items on hand at any moment, because you never know when you need to cut the twine that has your surfboards strapped to the car, and when you on the hunt for good waves it doesn’t get better than RAENS Carl Zeiss Vision CR-39 Lenses. This tandem release truly is a summer treat.


Pelican 32 oz Bottle

Pelican’s Drinkware is made to go anywhere and do anything. With a spill-resistant lid and extreme cold and heat retention, it’s effortless to transport, as each spill-proof lid is also an easy-carry handle. Whatever you choose to fill inside it’s protected from sunrise to sunset with 18/8 pro-grade stainless steel, featuring a sweat-proof, powder-coated finish that ensures your hands won’t slip from condensation.


Taylor Stitch: The Camp Pant Chinos

Step one, throw them on. Step two, roll ’em up. Taylor Stitch has taken 100% cotton sateen and reversed it, leaving the durable side exposed and letting the softness lay against your skin, resulting in a pant that is comfortable but remarkably sturdy. Created for the fella who splits their time between the workshop and the office, you’ll stay relaxed while your look, never misses a beat.


Nisolo Alejandro Woven

Summer calls for the right pair of slip-ons to help you stay cool, and it doesn’t get more timeless than Nisolo. This is the kind of purchase that simply gets more classic with each wear, the miles of your adventures written in the creases. Each pair is handwoven from vegetable-tanned leather and ready to keep your feet cozy from the beach to the deck bar. Slip it, slip it good.


VAER Watches C5 Heritage + Leather Strap

VAER is founded in Venice, CA and inspired by the standard-issue military watches of the 1940s, The C5 is timeless and pure, constructed for adventure with extreme timekeeping accuracy, impressive scratch/water resistance, and assembled in the good ol’ USA. This model has a hardy stainless steel case, Swiss-made quartz movement, and is finished off the custom leather strap. The C5 wear defines the company’s belief in an “ocean-to-office” lifestyle.


Bradley Mountain: Wrangler Bandana 

If a bandana wasn’t part of your daily style before, it should be now. You never know when you’ll need to cover your face. Luckily, several brands have been in the biz for a while, making stylish, high-quality bandanas. The Wrangler is constructed with Japanese selvage cotton and printed in Nashville, TN.


Bexar Goods: Fish Hook Key Fob

True style comes down to the details, and the way you present your keys is no exception. The Bexar Goods Keychain loops to a belt or belt loop and should always be part of your EDC. It features a brass fish hook, leather key fob, and a brass metal key split ring. Their rugged journeymen’s logo is signed on to the 8-ounce leather. Next up is getting some keys to this..


Aesop Resurrection Rinse-Free Handwash

The best part about this clutch hand wash from AESOP is the compact travel size. Toss it in the pocket of the Filson Dryden for a quick cleanse of the mits. The non-drying, alcohol-based formulation contains purifying and hydrating properties for when freshwater is unavailable. Stay clean, stay smart, stay safe.


Craighill Ripple Opener

There are two types of men in this world, guys with regular wine key bottle openers, and the gentlemen who surprise you with every beverage popped. The Ripple Carbon Opener in black is stylish and tactical. Maybe your company doesn’t mention this tool right when you use it, but best believe they’ll be thinking about it on their way home. Style is 1/3 what you wear, 1/3 how you wear it, and 1/3 what you carry. The Ripple Opener doesn’t miss a beat (or a bottle) for your summer style—Topo Chico not included.


NOMAD AirPods Pro Rugged Case

Since Apple refuses to create a black AirPods case, NOMAD came to the rescue and found a solution. The Rugged Case created for the AirPod Pros is the answer we’ve all been waiting for. Just slip your AirPods into this vegetable-tanned leather case and watch as your EDC game levels up. Like all great leather products, it’s meant to age over time, giving it that rugged look with a firm texture.



The colors of June we’re inspired by the golden coast of California’s sunsets and sea cliffs

Each brand featured in the layout is a good friend to us here at CYTIES, dive deeper into their offerings for amazing finds

June Catalog is inspired by a few tracks you can find below:

Plans To Leave: Untouched

Damien Jurado: End of the Road

Blake Mills: Vanishing Twin