New Orleans

Spitfire Coffee

time Everyday: 8am - 8pm

If you're in NOLA looking for an urban nook that prepares espressos and pour-over coffees from small roasters,  look no further. Spitfire Coffee is a small shop in The Big Easy, that packs an uppercut in the form of caffeine, and easily one of the best third wave coffee outfits in the city. 


BY: Travis Platt Contributing writer

The coffee scene in New Orleans is ready for take off. The runway is clear and all elements are synchronized and stable for ascent. Pour over, check. Small roasters, check. New ideas, check. The message is as clear as the runway. The small cockpit on St. Peter Street known as Spitfire Coffee is buzzing louder than a 1940s-era prop engine, leaving the trail of a new coffee mindset roaring overhead.

This multi-roasting operation offers a lineup of the greatest coffees in the country the shop runs like any mechanic of a WWII-era Spitfire fighter plane would, adjusting settings and noting coffee stats with a number 2 pencil. These notes are scribbled to review and improve upon each day with the following question in mind: How much higher can Spitfire fly?

The professionals behind this operation have set their eyes on the Big Easy, where it’s evident there is massive potential for creative growth for coffee in the south.

These are the traits that have helped the shop earn its wings and define excellence in respect to the farmers and roasters that stock the shelves.

The engine behind this level of coffee altitude is Nuova Simonelli Aurelia II, an espresso-making beast. We all know humidity can cause a person some turbulence. So follow the runway and order a cold brew that has enough kick that could fuel a prop engine. V60 pour over is available if your a cult to the classic ways of the drip. Like we stated above, with speedy service and meticulous preparation, all elements at Spitfire are synchronized and stable. These are the traits that have helped the shop earn its wings while defining excellence with respect to the farmers and roasters that stock the shelves.

It seems fitting the coffee operation of Spitfire is located up the street from Café du Monde, the legendary café serving chicory brews and fresh beignets since 1862, 24 hours a day. It’s a living reflection of old and new and how the two can coexist in New Orleans. Spitfire is the way to take off into the day’s sunrise, while Café Du Monde is a place to land when the day ends and the tank dial reads empty.

Since Spitfire’s doors first opened, you’ll find coffee in abundance in many new forms in all corners of the city, but like most operations in this lively town, it’s one big community that flies together in formation, proud and bold. This intimate four-seated operation in the French Quarter is at the front of the fleet.



For the summer days, the menu has some killer concoctions in iced form

While this is a very small joint, it packs a massive punch with some of the best coffee in the city

Spitfire is setting the tone to the evolving coffee scene in NOLA

The shop is an easy trek to Jackson Square if you’re grabbin’ to-go