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In search of a mellow boutique featuring men's casual clothing and rad accessories from hip indie designers? Congratulations, your quest has met its conclusion. Hit up Friend, right below the Ace Hotel for clothes, essentials and one of our favorite sunglass collections in NOLA. 


BY: Travis Platt Contributing writer

Friendship is something that doesn’t run thin in New Orleans. In fact, it’s a testament to the spirit that wafts through the century-old streets by wide smiling and passionate locals. It’s the bond that helps keep the city forever unstoppable and relentless against any hurdles ahead. Friendships in this town define lineage, trust, and warm greetings to travelers of all kinds. And take our word for it — it’s always good to have a friend in New Orleans, especially one as sharp as the local contemporary menswear-driven Friend on Carondelet St.

Style in the Big Easy is unique, catering to the history of the deep-rooted and culture-driven inhabitants. At this brick and mortar, the sections are as bold as a painting by local artist Bryan Brown and as vibrant as a solo from Drew Meez. (Look these guys up!) Inside is island exotic with an urban twist. The items here reflect a resort-centric state of mind with brands that are hand selected to embody an easy-living ethos.

New Orleans is the vibrant, witty, wild friend you can always count on. The one who will undoubtedly get you into trouble but will be the first in line to bail you out.

The colors indoors are brilliant. The electric pastels represent a keen artistic vision of what style can be in this part of the world…vibrant, smooth, and southern. Tees, outerwear, grooming goods, and sharp accessories are hung and placed around green accents of potted plants, bringing to life a watercolor ambience. Find alluring and eccentric pieces from Our Legacy and 18 Waits. Grab a button-up from Giltman Vintage and leave it open on a boat ride around the bay to dance like a kite behind you. Our Cyties pick-up? A pair of KREWE frames, made right in New Orleans.

It’s obvious that much in Friend is inspired by music, so once you’ve grabbed some new looks, mosey over to tap some electric keys under a wall of choice vinyls. Like a fresh warm breeze, the items from Friend will intoxicate you with a carefree state of mind and set you on a mission to find a southern-inspired tiki drink to “give it up” like KC and the Sunshine Band. Such an endeavor is very possible, as the Ace Hotel next door offers an elevator ride to their rooftop pool oasis. No doubt you’ll be making some new acquaintances at the Ace’s unrivaled sun-soaking sanctuary.

Whether you’re arriving with friends or traveling solo, you’ll be leaving New Orleans with new outlook on everything from style to culture. Any local will agree this new bond will grow with each visit, and you may even decide to stay. New Orleans is the vibrant, witty, wild friend you can always count on. The one who will undoubtedly get you into trouble but will be the first in line to bail you out. Friend succeeds at capturing this notion through a very specific aesthetic that echoes the city’s colorful free spirit.

“If you haven’t learned the meaning of friendship, you really haven’t learned anything.” — Muhammed Ali


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After you grab some gear, display your new look at the Ace Hotel rooftop next door

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