Multnomah Whiskey Library

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The Multnomah Whiskey Library holds the air of a vintage mansion, stocked with an extensive collection representing all major, and lesser, styles of distilled spirits. Sink in to a tuft leather chair and sip on whiskey from every corner of the world.


BY: Ryan Kirk Contributing writer

While the brown leather couch that he sunk into looked aged, it was probably the youngest item in the room. His right leg formed one side of a triangle as his foot neatly crossed over the opposite knee. With one hand fearlessly flipping page after page in the novel on his lap, the other hand alternated twisting his infamous mustache and reaching for the glass of scotch that sat neatly placed on the oak coffee table. In one smooth motion, Mark Twain slammed the book shut, downed the glass in front of him, rubbed his mustache, and declared, “Too much of anything is bad, but too much good whiskey is never enough!”

Each distinctive spirit has its own tale and is sure to have more character than Tom Sawyer.

To name yourself a whiskey library, you’d better have three things: leather couches, more bottles than books at your grandparents’ house, and a whiskey intellect that knows more about distilleries than Hemingway knows about literature. Multnomah Whiskey Library has achieved just that. From floor to ceiling, a 1,200-bottle display covers red brick walls; vintage leather couches extend out over the wood floors, and a guru of all things whiskey provides table side tastings to ensure that this evening is one for the books.

The Whiskey Library is a reservation bar, so make sure to call ahead for a “Hall Pass.” This guarantees a cozy atmosphere and unrivaled service. Upon entrance, a hostess will deliver you and your party to your couch or table; here, you are able to relax and get ready to be lost in a whiskey narrative.

Instead of a librarian pushing around a cart full of returned romance novels, you get a whiskey guide rolling around a bar cart of bottles. Each distinctive spirit has its own tale and is sure to have more character than Tom Sawyer. We always air on the side of more conversation, so ask questions, get some recommendations, and please – try something from Japan.

Before making your way into the Library, we suggest grabbing a cocktail at the Green Room, a separate bar located below the Whiskey Library. Brightened by sun-filled windows and an emerald-tiled back bar, the Green Room is the perfect introduction to what is sure to be an eventful night.

If you call home to Bridge City or find yourself a frequent visitor, we highly recommend a getting a membership. Think of it as getting a library card, except it’s much more exclusive and your mom isn’t pestering you to go. Come ready to drink some whiskey, meet some characters, and learn the story of why whiskey is truly America’s favorite pastime.


Usually a wait to get in, so call ahead for reservations. Not the kind of gentleman to waste valuable time? Hit the Hall Pass program here.

The Green Room below provides the same impeccable service, delivered in a relaxed and easygoing atmosphere

Take a gander at the Cocktail List here, pick your poison

Hold a glass up to the legends in the frames around the room, they paved the way