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Industrial-styled store offer the sought after namesake Bridge & Burn collection, plus like minded independent brands including Fison, Shwood,Pendletron, and Topo Designs."May the bridges you burn light the way." 


BY: Ryan Kirk Contributing writer

The idea for Bridge & Burn originated from a T-shirt that store owner Erik Prowell designed after leaving behind a master’s program in computer science for the fashion world. The shirt was a picture of a hand holding a match to a bridge with the words “Don’t look back.”

so however long it takes you to find what lights your fire, the apparel here will be with you for the entirety of your journey.

While there is a common misconception that burning a bridge is a bad thing, Erik looked at it as a way of getting rid of his safety net, giving him no choice but to fail or achieve his dreams. With the success of his brand, it’s safe to say that a future as an IT consultant or cybersecurity expert is no longer in the cards. And if this is the blueprint on starting a successful shop, then hand us the matches and point us towards the nearest bridge.

Every piece of clothing created by Bridge & Burn is designed in house right above the flagship store in downtown Portland. The clothes are designed to be worn over and over again, so however long it takes you to find what lights your fire, the apparel here will be with you for the entirety of your journey.

Our Cyties Pickup? Has to be the Tamarak Black Olive, a waxed canvas jacket with classic denim styling. It’s the perfect piece for trailblazing through those Bridgetown city streets.

Connecting face to face with customers has become part of the Bridge & Burn identity. The feedback they receive ensures that the best is yet to come; they are constantly creating and improving. They make their launch parties for new collections open to the public and always encourage their supporters to come join.

Bridge & Burn was created by taking a chance, building their own path, and becoming a pioneer in their field. When you stop in their shop, it’s obvious that your relationship with Bridge & Burn is one bridge you never plan on burning.


The brands ethos celebrates other Bridge Burners—bold entrepreneurs who have stepped out on their own and “burned the bridge” of working for anyone else

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All the T-shirts, knits and totes are custom in San Francisco, and the sweatshirts and Pacific Standard bag line are made right in the Pacific Northwest