San Antonio

Indy Coffee

time Everyday: 7am - 8pm

Indy Coffee is a San Antonio-based coffee shop serving Parlor Coffee and offering an aesthetic that’s a modern twist of the American Southwest.


BY: Alex Temblador Contributing writer

Back in the day, Texans sat around fires that dotted the plains or hills of the Lone Star State, telling tall tales of outlaws and bandits battling lawmen like the Texas Rangers. As the night wore on and the whiskey ran out, their stories bled into the darkness, and in the morning, they relied on strong medicine – AKA coffee – to jolt them back onto the saddle, and ride through the day.

Western culture may not be as rampant in the Alamo City as it once was, but tall tales and strong coffee have not left the area, and one shop in San Antonio is seeing to that.

caffeinated beans that will get your motor running quicker than Spurs point guard Patty Mills.

Indy Coffee Club celebrates the culture of Texas and the American Southwest in the most badass of ways. The coffee shop’s style has been called ‘West Texas punk rock,’ and features vinyl tunes and iconic Texas décor like cow skulls, repurposed Lone Star beer cans, and Texas flags. Alternative art grace the walls creating an overall look that any modern man with a timeless style would appreciate.

When cruising through the 210 on two wheels or four, stop by Indy to escape the south Texas heat. Make your way to their handsome pine bar top and order a cup of their coffee roast, Parlor Coffee, a Brooklyn-based company roasting caffeinated beans that will get your motor running quicker than Spurs point guard Patty Mills.

Indy slings all the basics like Americanos, cold brews, and a filtered house coffee, but their specialty drinks will knock you off your seat. Coco-Loco is a latte with coconut oil and vanilla, while cereal milk latte is exactly as it sounds – a latte with cereal infused milk.

Cut the “strong medicine” with a bite to eat from Indy’s Southwest-inspired menu that includes the likes of avocado toast with lime, queso fresco, and red chili flakes and biscuit sandwiches with cheese and sweet onion soy jam.

And as you eat your biscuit and throw back a cup of jo, exchange tall tales with the staff or other rogue travelers who mosied on in.

Before spur-ing your weathered chuck taylors into whatever engine you rolled up in, peruse through some of their merchandise like their latest, a shirt that reads, “Death is an Early Riser.” Between their electric coffee, rad essentials, and delicious grub, The Grim Reaper himself couldn’t stop you from kickstarting your morning into high gear.


Indy is a 1-2 Punch. They’ve got bold coffee and a rad selection of tee shirts and hats

The shop is right down the street from UTSA and The Shops at La Cantera

If you’re hungry, we’ve got three words for you: Sweet – Ricotta – Toast

Coffee Roast: Parlor Coffee