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O.G. Mission area bar Dalva returns with a remixed drink menu, featuring 12 new cocktails, and funky new digs that blend Art Deco, Mid-Century and modern vibes.


BY: Andrew Williams Contributing writer

“Allow me to reintroduce myself….”

San Francisco’s Dalva, an “O.G” of the Mission area, reopened in early 2022, boasting a funky redesign, following its first hiatus in two decades, the perfect excuse to reimagine its digs — and they don’t disappoint.

The front is replete with blue and white diagonal tiles, complemented by an inviting glass door. Inside, they blend Art Deco, Mid-Century and modern elements, with oversized green pendant lights hanging over the countertop and large spherical lights on the side wall, opposite the main bar. The space has a rich presence of white oak and mixed wood, rounded edges at every turn, and measured splashes of gold, brass, and earthy tones, including a wavy orange, red, and blue back wall.

The beloved cocktail bar rolled out a remixed drink menu — ditching the vodka sodas. The new menu features 12 new cocktail recipes, including the Friend of the Devil (clarified milk punch with a jolt of rye, chocolate stout, and cherry, an emblazoned ice cube), and a limited selection of high balls.

Another can’t-miss, accidental concoction is The New Wave Fix (funky and refreshing Italian gin, French wine, pineapple, and coconut chartreuse).

And there’s nothing one-dimensional about their offerings, with a healthy selection of local brews, vermouth, and cider on tap. The vermouth is crafted with locally procured botanicals and served “Spanish Style” with a giant green olive. They also serve natural wine (of the orange and sparkling variety) and a non-alcoholic Negroni. It’s a deep lineup, with something for everyone and knockout creations from top to bottom.

There’s a second floor, where the mixologists have more creative licenses, and the Hideout, bar-within-a-bar, beyond the main service area, where classic cocktails play a starring role.

Dalva brings the glow, top-notch cocktails, and good vibes while patrons, including a community of industry regulars and cocktail aficionados, deliver the soul. CYTIES is into it.