San Francisco


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From Fort Mason to Culver City, Equator offers the purest expression of the nuance, flavor, and preparation that make coffee extraordinary. 


BY: Dakota Nate Contributing writer

Somewhere between culture, comfort, and community you’ll find female-founded and sustainably operated Equator Coffee. From the farm to the roaster, and into your favorite mug, Equator’s ethical standards and quality brews come correct. Founded in 1995 in a garage in Marin Country, Equator was ultimately inspired by the idea that coffee could be done better and more sustainably with social responsibility heavy on the minds of its founders. What would become a household name among outlying San Francisco neighborhoods started from the ground up, and like many underdog stories, they came up through trial and tribulation.

Almost 30 years later, Equator still holds on tight to its original values and has remained a long-time partner of Fair Trade Certified, which has since created a worldwide standard for ethical food production. Each of Equator’s brick and mortar shops placed throughout the Bay Area set their own inviting, minimalistic vibe that highlights their brews at center stage. In-store you can find stylish merch as well as each of Equator’s signature blends brewed by folks who are well-versed in the language of making a damn fine cup of coffee, especially if you desire a drink that has a little bit more handcrafted appeal. On the days you don’t feel like leaving the house for your morning pick-me-up, a bag of beans or powdered instant latte elevates your coffee game at home.

Each of their several locations from Oakland to Sausalito also offers an impressive breakfast and lunch selection as well as a small beer and wine list – you know, to ease the transition from a coffee hour and cocktail hour after tapping away at your computer all day. Ideal for a small meeting, a coffee date, or just a morning on the patio with your dog, good hangs are always in tow at Equator, rain or shine.