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Unfortunately Closed! The Apolis flagship space is currently being renovated, so in the meantime, stop by the brands Arts District pop-up shop  just down the street inside Alchemy Works. All the finest forms of Apolis clothing can be found within the open air industrial space until the new location opens its doors soon. 


BY: Ryan Kirk Contributing writer

Apolis is an indigo brushstroke on the colorful canvas that is the Arts District of Los Angeles. Its simple yet modern style has become part of a masterpiece of an ever-changing neighborhood. To understand the power of any piece of art, it’s important to realize that every painting starts as a blank canvas, just as every city has its beginning. So we go back to the start…

Brick after brick was laid, concrete hardened, and steel beams set into place. Words like “factory” and “industrial” were used not in the sense of modern design or as a form of nostalgia but as a description of what was taking place. This eastern part of Downtown LA had become a loading dock, a factory, just one big west coast shipping container. Among the many creations, daily essentials came to life on assembly belts, buttons were stitched, and cutting machines sliced through denim.

As rent went up, front doors met their fate of vacancy signs, and the area started to resemble a ghost town. Local artists moved in and found value in the inexpensive vast open spaces. Galleries, studios, and exhibits were created, and with that, the Arts District was established.

As the years went by, the potential was just too cool not to transform. And, what felt faster than paint drying in the sun, the area changed again. Now, streets like Traction and 3rd Street make the soles of our boots feel edgier just walking down them, and every time we approach, there is one spot that our style compass always points towards. It is that of the Global Citizen — it is that of APOLIS.

Their standard-issue white T-shirts have stood the test of time, and each shirt’s collar still fits like it did when the shirt was first acquired.

Apolis is like the onion metaphor; as you peel layers back, you are constantly learning more and understanding that it goes deeper than just a men’s shop. Its exterior is no stranger to the industrialized community it calls home, as large-framed windows outline its street-facing wall, honoring its unforgettable past.

We strongly advocate that you take a step inside and further explore what you will soon learn to be part of a global community. The store exposes a weakness to all stylish men, and in particular those who enjoy a polished or classy look. Oxford and Japanese washed button-downs, Selvedge denim pants, khaki, and navy chinos, and indigo wool jackets make for impulsive yet irresistible purchases.

Our CYTIES pick-up? It has to be their perfect but straightforward white t-shirt. If you are like us, you probably have a closet full of white t-shirts that are almost un-wearable after the first few washes. Not these — their standard-issue white T-shirts have stood the test of time, and each shirt’s collar still fits like it did when the shirt was first acquired.

Apolis (uh–paul–is) means “global citizen.” They are a socially motivated lifestyle brand that empowers communities worldwide. Their model of “Advocacy Through Industry” is a revolutionary way to harness the power of business to create social change. They have initiatives in different countries around the world to help manufacture products sold online and in store.

Their Bangladesh project, which supplies work for 21 artisans, has created over 128 thousand hand-crafted bags, which can be personalized to represent any city or neighborhood you wish. They have similar efforts for different products with Uganda, Peru, India, Ethiopia, the Middle East, and Honduras.

Though Apolis boasts global efforts, they have not forgotten about their flagship city — many of the products and clothes are made in LA, supplying people in Los Angeles with jobs. Weirdly, it has come full circle to its downtown neighborhood and worldwide community, spreading opportunities and jobs to people all over while creating an art form that people can walk around wearing and holding.

In a neighborhood that has changed repeatedly over the last century, Apolis is a retrospective of our hard-working industrial past, a glimpse into our stylish future, and an international warrior of the present. With the layers peeled back and the store stripped to its purest form, Apolis is nothing short of a masterpiece — with an exceptional story.


Apolis nails the basics, while staying true to the brands mindset of a Global Citizen

Apolis is a Certified B Corporation meeting higher standards of social and environmental performance, transparency, and accountability

Customize an Apolis Global Citizen Bag here to represent a meaningful message

Hand selected and name brand accessories will have you stocked to the brim and looking sharp