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UNFORTUNATELY, CLOSED! Best Made Co. is an outdoor clothing and equipment shop in New York City. This outpost is a retreat for the manliest of men, those who dress for adventure, know how to work a campsite, and are energized by the sight of an ax.


BY: Travis Platt Contributing writer

Maps are made to be rolled out on large surfaces, each corner anchored down with relics of past travels; the paths and coordinates between x, y, and z are to be circled, highlighted, and examined for hours on end. Maps give you the chance to stare directly into the face of your next big adventure, to visualize and concentrate with meticulous mental preparation.

With every map studied, there comes a time to roll it back up and focus on the gear and tools needed to make your planned vision a reality. In America, we are awarded the luxury to live in amazing cities, and when the mind feels the need to drift into the stars, we can steer towards the great wide open. When your map’s been rolled up and an excursion beyond the skyline is planned, head to the heart of Tribeca to find tools, gear, and apparel designed to empower adventure seekers of all kinds — head to Best Made Company.

a place they would arrive to thaw out frozen beards, light a cigar, and plan the next impossibly possible venture.

Just a simple trek from Soho and Chinatown, Best Made Co. is a destination for any man who respects the devotion to making things with one’s own hands. NYC was created by the daring and courageous, forged by builders and visionaries. The items within Best Made Company reflect Manhattan’s history, as it was built on the ideals of sketching, cutting, measuring, and constructing.

Inside is stunning — it resembles what one would imagine a secret workshop would look like, the workshop of an early explorer who would go on to fill the magnificent Museum of Natural History with the world’s wonders. Walls are hung with intricate gear, camp tools, flags, and diagrams. The shelves are stocked with bright red toolkits marked with Best Made’s signature X. Pants, jackets, and vests are hung in order of intended function, while bags, travel journals, and stationery are arranged by a collection of shiny axes — each with a custom-painted handle.

It’s easy to imagine the aesthetic matches the clubhouse of Robert E. Peary or Tenzing Norgay, a place they would arrive to thaw out frozen beards, light a cigar, and plan the next impossibly possible venture. Needless to say, the items forged by Best Made are as sharp in style and purpose as the hatchet blades themselves.

The team here is knowledgeable, dutiful, and skilled. They understand the importance of traveling, learning, and achieving craft with their two hands, so head in for expert advice or to share a few stories while spinning the globe and picking your next destination.

Once entering this foundry marked with the bold red X, you will become a devoted Best Made man for life, equipped with knowledge and quality tools that will be passed down through generations. In a world where handmade is becoming increasingly harder to find, Best Made Co. steps in and holds fast to the promise of “meaning through making,” sparking the flint within the soul. And that spark is all one needs to roll out a map.


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