Bon Voyage

Mon - Fri: 2pm - 2am
  • Mon - Fri: 2pm - 2am
  • Sat - Sun: 12pm - 2am

CLOSED. Bon Voyage is a San Francisco bar with a quirky design that’s a mix between 1970s Palm Springs and that of a home inspired by world travels. With a menu full of Chinese favorites and a creative cocktail list, Bon Voyage is a cool hang and an inspiration for adventure.


BY: Alex Temblador Contributing writer

World travelers set their sights on one destination, but often case, they find themselves driven by the travel call and wandering miles away from where they started, hopping between adventures and experiences, creating new memories, and gathering items to bring home.

Bon Voyage is a bar in San Francisco that captures that true essence of a world traveler – and that’s because it was designed to recreate the identity of one.

the cocktail menu at Bon Voyage changes on a bi-annual basis, continually exciting visitors with new flavors.

The design at Bon Voyage derives from a persona that the owners created for the bar, that of a world traveler who explored Southeast Asia and Africa in the 1950s, buying mementos and souvenirs along the way. Following his travels, the explorer settled in 1970s Palm Springs to throw disco parties and serve bespoke cocktails and Chinese food to friends, lovers, and strangers who stumbled into his abode.

Visitors who step inside Bon Voyage will immediately notice elements of this world traveler’s life from the mid-century modern décor of the stylish booths, bamboo chairs and colorful wallpaper, to the souvenirs placed throughout, like animal statues, masks, and paintings that he picked up in Southeast Asia and Africa.

Bon Voyage’s rocking menu of creative cocktails and Chinese food is the same as those of the global adventurer’s epic revelries. And since he would never want to bore his party friends by serving the same vices and grub, the cocktail menu at Bon Voyage changes on a bi-annual basis, continually exciting visitors with new flavors.

Drinks at Bon Voyage include domestic and international spirits, often with quirky ingredients like banana, cashew milk, or avocado foam. Favorite cocktails include the “Garbage Sling,” made with gin, tepache, rice milk, ginger, honey, and BV! Sour or the “Singapore Sling,” a libation of gin, Benedictine, sherry heering, lemon, pineapple, and ginger soda.

As for the food, the bar’s Chinese menu is stacked with items like kung pao chicken, prawns, fried rice, dumplings, and pot stickers which satisfy customers until 2 a.m.

If you hear the call of travel, head to San Francisco and have a cocktail and Chinese cuisine at Bon Voyage. And don’t be surprised if an evening there inspires you to take another trip, and another, wandering the world collecting mementos and memories, just like the Bon Voyage world traveler.


The cocktail list is on fire with imbibes inspired by African themes, check it out here

Grub on an array of delicious Chinese dishes as Bon Voyage dishes out dumplings until 2am

The bar contains a decor that feels like you’ve entered a disco safari

A clutch spot for some day time relaxation as Bon Voyage opens its doors at 2pm during the week and noon on the weekends