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Mon - Fri: 6am - 6pm
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UNFORTUNATELY, CLOSED! Portland's Coava Coffee Roasters has now opened its doors in San Diego. Serving a variety of quality coffee beverages, beer and wine, they are a choice spot when navigating through SoCal. The shop is a woodsy-chic space, reflecting its Pacific Northwest roots.


BY: Alex Temblador Contributing writer

There’s an old saying: “Give a man a cup of coffee, and you satiate his caffeine craving for a few hours. Teach a man to roast, grind, and brew, and you quench his thirst for a lifetime.” Okay, we lied – the old saying references fish and fishing, but you get the idea. Hand a guy a coava, or unroasted “green” coffee, and the fella isn’t going to know what to do with it. But the guys at Coava Coffee in San Diego – they’ve figured it out, and they’re not only quenching their thirst for a lifetime, they want to do that for you, too.

Coava Coffee, like tech companies and grunge bands from the West Coast, started as an idea in a garage in 2008 by owner Matt Higgins. He took that old proverb to heart and made his dream a reality by learning about every single facet of coffee from agriculture, to farming and sustainable business, to the best ways to roast, blend, grind, and brew. The first Coava Coffee spot may have debut in Portland, but it’s their San Diego café that stands out to us.

Satiate your coffee tastings by bypassing that Starbucks down the street and head to the place that’ll share a cup of coffee knowledge.

The large spacious coffee retreat has modern digs and plenty of outdoor seating, making for a perfect spot for a business meeting, to work on a personal project, or catching up on a good book. The coffee shop is blocks from government buildings, the Santa Fe Depot, the Museum of Contemporary Art, Horton Plaza Mall, and the Gaslamp Quarter.

Here they serve rotating single origin dip, espresso coffee, cold brew on tap, nitro cold brew, and handmade teas by Spirit Tea. Their drinks are supplemented by pastries from Nutmeg, Bee Local syrup, Cocanu chocolate, and house-made vanilla. The staff at Coava Coffee love to teach customers about coffee, exemplified by their weekly free coffee cuppings, where experts teach you how to identify the different tastes of coffee.

Coava Coffee in San Diego brings intimate service and great seasonal coffee together into the most happening of areas in SoCal. Satiate your coffee tastings by bypassing that Starbucks down the street and head to the place that’ll share a cup of coffee knowledge.


Grab a roast for the homestead, it’s just as bold at your digs

When the sun is beaming, grab a cold brew and go #hitthesand

The shop is alive with foliage paying tribute to the Pacific Northwest, as the original shops hail from Portland

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