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NO LONGER OPEN. Even without a reason, dressing to the nines adds a certain stigma to your inner being and a level of confidence that may not generally be present in your daily life. And when you open the closet door to gaze upon your off the rack suit collection tears may fall, but this is why a trip to DTLA is necessary with an appointment at Commonwealth Proper.


BY: Ben Hitch Contributing writer

With roots in Philly and other bricks in Pittsburgh and Atlanta, Commonwealth Proper (CMMP) has laid claim in Downtown Los Angeles. The space is found in the old home of the iconic 70’s music venue Al’s Bar and dead center in the gritty but gentrified Arts District. The exposed brick walls reveal plumbing and the true character of the historical building. It is a large open space, confined by four industrial walls with extreme dedication to the detail and debonair styling. Up against the far wall, you’ll find a large, looming mirror just waiting to declare who is the fairest of them all, offset by a leather couch from where judgment is laid. 

you can argue a black suit is a black suit, but it comes down to the details and the true craftsmanship seen in every stitch.

The contrasting side of the room has a small elevated sitting area where deals are inked and your forthcoming suit initiates mitosis. The surrounding walls are extremely well manicured with samples of the finest fabrics and prints to help stimulate the creatively dapper side of your brain. Gold hooks hang true beauty of craftsmanship while partitions painted with crows add to the unmatched cosmopolitan atmosphere. Just being in the space urges your desire to be looking better and wanting a reason to strut your stuff. And as the measurement of your arms, legs, and waist start to come together, there is a small chest with glassware and spirits, because it only makes sense to be sipping on an 18yr single malt while detailing your custom CMMP suit.

Commonwealth Proper was born in the U.S. and your suit will be stitched within the borders of America, but what makes yours more refined than the next is the customizability. Yes, you can argue a black suit is a black suit, but it comes down to the details and the true craftsmanship seen in every stitch. And beyond the elegant appearance, the lining is for you to take any which direction. Working with various artists from coveted tattoo shops or the likes of Indian Giver, CMMP’s lining offers a personal presentation from behind the lapel. And once you’re on the pedestal with measuring tape between the legs, it should go without saying that CMMP is going to tailor to your greatest desires while the gods may just drop roses upon the ground you walk once your suit is stitched.

Commonwealth Proper is certainly dedicated to the finest thread and needle available, but the name pays homage to the past and to a group of progressive Philadelphia tailors who founded a labor union to improve working conditions. And Proper reflects the belief that men’s clothing, should fit properly and not simply be pulled from the rack. Without sounding too cliche, you’re going to like the way you look and those around you are certainly going to take note of the upgraded style. Make an appointment, and soon enough you’ll be stealing the show at the next big city ball, be it courtside or banquet hall. 


CMMP does have ready to wear garments, but their specialty is in custom tailoring

The creative space is shared with The Rogue Collective 

Once your suited, head to EightyTwo for pinball and craft cocktails

It may not be the last suit you buy, but your CMMP suit will be the finest

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