Diamond Reef

Mon - Thurs: 5pm - 3am
  • Mon - Thurs: 5pm - 3am
  • Fri: 3pm - 3am
  • Sat - Sun: 2pm - 3am

UNFORTUNATELY, CLOSED! Diamond Reef is in a lofty space dotted with turquoise seating, showcasing a tropical side New York City's concrete jungle.  This Attaboy spin-off serves up rum cocktails and frozen drinks. Located in Brooklyn, Diamond Reef looks like the ideal hangout for Steve Zizzou. So, if that's your flavor, roll in and get ready for a rum filled night of mischief.


BY: Travis Platt Contributing writer

New York is much like a great reef: boundless and colorful, with the movement of life at every corner, swaying in all directions. Much like waves, clouds of seasons wash over the skyline while life buzzes from tunnels to streets to sky. Much of the liveliest splendor in a dense reef is hidden away, the diamond always lies beneath the surface. Fashioned within the framework of a street full of gas stations and old auto repair shops is Diamond Reef, an effervescent and energetic piece in the Atlantic Ave of Brooklyn.

No matter what is in store for the street, this clannish Reef makes it easy to agree with Sean Connery’s Bond that “Diamonds Are Forever.”

Simply stated, the environment here is Steve Zizzou’s ideal hangout when on sabbatical from the deep blue. Within Diamond Reef’s cocktail, beer, and wine hang is the unique midcentury tropic touch of sea-foam green leather, exotic shrubbery, and a heated yard and grill that offers Brooklynites a tropical refuge from winter to summer. Ask any native New Yorker and they will agree, due to the dense living environment, it’s hard to find a clutch patio that stays open late. This shared understanding is what helps define the diamond within the name of this coral cocktail club.

Nestled on the unassuming Atlantic Ave, you can be assured that the pretentious crowds are swimming elsewhere, which makes it easy to belly up for their cocktail list that will send any mind diving into an aquatic splash of refreshment. Sip on the Mosquito #2 tossed with Rye, ginger, Campari, and lime. Or chillax with the frozen Penechillin: Scotch, lemon, honey, ginger, and why the hell not, extra Scotch. A great selection of local brews lead the list from cans, bottles, and tap, but for us, it is the Presidente in a frostbitten mug that’s almost too cold to grip. Cruise under the tranquil neon glow of a bird-of-paradise sign to head to the outdoor operation of strung lights and a small trailer serving an onslaught of skewers. Kick back here to witness the white wash of those city clouds overhead and you can float all hours away.

From the sips to the decor to the steel drum tunes, Diamond Reef is a whirlpool of excellence when casting away from the hustle and bustle of the big city. Within the depths of concrete and endless city movement, it’s a vacation for the mind in need of a warm breeze. Within time, like any piece of a lively reef, Atlantic Avenue will grow and flourish. No matter what is in store for the street, this clannish Reef makes it easy to agree with Sean Connery’s Bond that “Diamonds Are Forever.”


When it’s time to put the whiskey down, grab a frozen cocktail. These are not just a trend here, they kick ass

With an unrivaled Happy Hour, head  in from 5 – 7pm Mon – Thurs  & Fri 3 – 7pm

They’ve got a clutch heated patio for the winter months. Head out back and grab some grub from their grill

If you can’t decide on a drink — Tiki it up!