Division Road, Inc.

Mon - Sat: 10am - 6pm
  • Mon - Sat: 10am - 6pm
  • Sun: Closed

UNFORTUNATELY, CLOSED! A sleek and sharp men's store where the standard of service pairs with the quality of goods. Within the open industrial setting is Division Road's commitment to a luxury heritage lifestyle where vintage inspired apparel, boots and accessories pair with modern form and function.


BY: Travis Platt Contributing writer

Life in the Pacific Northwest exists in many layers. Fresh in snow on the top of Mt. Rainier, deep in meaning with lyrics from Chris Cornell, contoured in lines on wilderness maps, and woven in wool to keep us sheltered when the forest calls to the sky. Layers in the PNW are also finely balanced, and like the rings in the trunk of a native douglas fir, they each tell a story. Living amongst the layers of culture in the great city of Seattle, we as men look for garments that tell the tale of who we are, while sustaining function for Northwest needs. It’s the journeys of past that leave a touch of grit on a worn item; this is celebrated in the Northwest — a passage of sorts. No setting balances this standard with finer precision than Divisional Road, Inc., where luxury and quality lay the foundations of a store built on proprietor Jason Pecarich’s belief that sophistication doesn’t, and should never, compromise the soul.

the store manages to balance a modern approach, while hanging onto the weathered mindset that has defined Seattle’s status as an inimitable city in America.

Enter unshackled by time to take in the space built to honor items that define us as individuals and cater to a well-chosen lifestyle. When Seattle was just a lumber town, it was the stories shared over piping-hot coffee that led journeymen to the paths to discover the landscape’s natural wonders. Division Road honors this heritage-promoting layers of conversation within it’s sleek setting.

The brands displayed are designed to endure, and each is tried and tested in all facets of living. Division’s apparel collections are comprised of a brand list that might be the finest in the West. Knits, bombers, storm jackets and cotton Henley’s are organized with precision. Sink into the tufted leather couch to admire the wall of boots. Our CYTIES pick-up? Has to be the Storm Jacket from Wings + Horns. This garment is exceptionally technical and a refined all-purpose shell jacket designed to be worn from spring through fall, made with a water and wind resistant premium Nylon — hand this one down to your bloodline.

Division’s apparel and accessories are for a confident, sharp, courageous man who resides in the emerald metropolis but without a second of hesitation is equipped for an adventure into the Olympic Mountains — and beyond. The shop’s constitution is a true testament to what is happening in modern-day Seattle. With new contemporary design bursting around every corner, the store manages to balance a modern approach, while hanging onto the weathered mindset that has defined Seattle’s status as an inimitable city in America. The luxury menswear here embraces the growth, but reminds us to enjoy the barnacled docks, rusted roofs, fogged-out glass, and broken bricks. This is the character of Seattle that the cities inhabitants and core customers of Divisional Road Inc. will never let wash away, no matter how many layers are thrown at it.


The crew here has expert knowledge of the products to assist you in the selection for stylish pieces to handle the elements

The store has a top notch brand list of North American, Western European and Japanese manufacturers

The boot wall is simply a style masterpiece, choose the next pair to tackle city streets and mountain trails

Check out Division’s Guide Book for selected seasonal wardrobe looks and highlights of core customers and community figures of Seattle