Dry Creek Boat Dock

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time Everyday: 4pm - 9pm

UNFORTUNATELY, CLOSED! Dry Creek Boat Dock is the dive of all dives. Located a few miles outside of downtown Austin off of the Colorado River, it is a choice escape from the city life. Inside, the antiquated bar is notorious for cold canned beers, a pool table and an old fashion juke box.


BY: Travis Platt Contributing writer

The kind of classic dive that Dry Creek Boat Dock emulates happens to be something we consider an endangered species. It just doesn’t get more timeless than this. Let’s start by addressing that there is no creek or dock, and this only adds to the elusiveness of what we consider one of the best dive bars in America. Its bold yellow paint draws you in instantly, but this gem is not for the faint of heart. Come weathered and confident, or the Dry Creek will immediately chew you up.

This place is untouchable, and only a select kind of man can see its rare significance.

Enter to a card table full of Koozies and, in a ceremonial act, choose your companion to keep your beer cold for the duration of your stay. Spend a moment digging to find the perfect match. If only these foam capsules could talk — it’s clear these Koozie relics have seen it all. Head outside and up a set of creaky stairs to a huge deck to play some cards and gaze off into the Texas bush.

If you’re hanging inside, make sure you have some quarters for the jukebox (which is probably one of the best in Texas) and rack up some billiard balls on a pool table reflecting the red glow of a lone star bar lamp, swaying to rustic tunes vibrating from dusty speakers. This is without a doubt how you’re supposed to listen to Willie Nelson and Johnny Cash. This is where gentlemen go to get away, tune out, talk shop, and toast to a laid-back lifestyle. This place is untouchable, and only a select kind of man can see its rare significance. Its nature simply cannot be recreated.


Don’t forget your Koozies!

Say hello to the nice lady up front for CYTIES

head up stairs to the patio deck for fresh air

One of the oldest Jukeboxes you’ll ever find