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Update: Online Only! --- Ebbets commitment is boundless when it comes to bringing the quality and craftsmanship of mid-Century American athletic garments to the 21st-century public. Immerse yourself in the flagship's collection of throwback jerseys, retro baseball caps, hockey Knits, authentic jackets, & other sports-related garments that quickly add a touch stylish homage to any modern look.  


BY: Travis Platt Contributing writer

America’s favorite pastime is full of nostalgic reminders of how historic the game is. The sound of a fastball hitting a mitt, the taste of salted peanut shells, and the crack of a bat matching the roar of a crowd. Though we are all collectively aware of how celebrated the history of baseball is, it’s the distinct colors, jerseys, and ball caps that have defined our allegiance as fans for decades. At Ebbets Field Flannels, time moves aside when it comes to bringing the history of the game to life with mid-century American-made garments.

Our CYTIES pick-up? Has to be the Seattle Rainiers’ 1955 classic cap to honor the city that Ebbets Field calls home

Walking into this flagship store is like being invited to an exclusive clubhouse of memorabilia. All authentic pieces are made on the premises but still manage to harness the feeling of being decades old while kept in mint condition. Folded and hung throughout the store are brightly colored hats, t-shirts, and jackets featuring the logos of historic teams. The garments are mainly focused on non-major-league pieces, such as the 1958 Pacific Coast league. Most of these logos are relatively unknown to the public, making your selection of hat or coat even more exclusive.

Choice ball caps such as the Chicago Whales, New York Knights, or the San Francisco Seals keep you repping your city’s past while fiercely standing out. These are just a few dome pieces located in the slotted cap wall, a pure masterpiece of assembled emblems and letters with designs based on meticulous research. The shop also includes jerseys, football and hockey knits, historic tees, authentic jackets, and an array of other sports-related threads.

Our CYTIES pick-up? Has to be the Seattle Rainiers’ 1955 classic cap to honor the city that Ebbets Field Flagship calls home. Be sure to check out the cities series sweatshirts inspired by the 1940s, the perfect layer for a crips PNW day.

Slide headfirst to Ebbets Field Flannels to assemble a clutch starting lineup of throwback pieces, then cruise down the street to Seattle’s sports cathedrals to pay respect to the game itself.


Every single cap has a historical story behind it, find your favorite and rock it out of the store

Check out the Grounds Crew Jackets, these jackets feature sewn felt chest and back lettering, pencil pocket and inner cell phone pocket

Taylor Shellfish is a block away for some fresh oysters and a cold Rainier beer

The flagship sits in the shadow of Century Link Field — Go Hawks