Firehouse Hotel


UNFORTUNATELY, CLOSED! Built in a fire house from 1927, Fire House Hotel is a stylish destination to drink, dine, and dwell. The properties moving parts are changing the expectation of what it means to stay in Los Angeles.


BY: Travis Platt Contributing writer

An alluring set of large doors have swung open in the Arts District of Los Angeles, serving as a gateway to new hospitality while redefining what it means to visit the quickly growing area. The resurrection of these engine red doors—which served as a Fire Station from 1927-1980—has awoken with a new stylish identity. Now a hub of comfort, inspiration, and art, sparking together to light a flame that visitors will be lining up to feel. Say hello to the first and only Firehouse Hotel, the Arts District’s new spoiled shelter for adventure seekers, redefining what hotels should look and feel like.

Our room choice? Black on the ground level, because sometimes you need to sleep inside a 70’s inspired funk decor with a pull-down bed as a rock star would.

Through the doors you’ll be greeted by the lobby-reception/coffee Bar, pouring hot and cold Counter Culture brews. Open at 7am daily, it’s the ideal place to open that book you’ve been dying to finish in the early hours of the day. When the pages are flipped, glance over the selection of LA-centric goods available for purchase, souvenirs to take with you on any journeys ahead.

Continuing past the lobby and down the hall is the restaurant, bar, and sun-filled patio. Smooth marble, concrete, and touches of brass harmonize together like a chorus from Morrisey while California foliage collides with raw brick. An exposed line in the kitchen offers an intimate view of the attention to detail when it comes to elevated American fare focused mainly on a wood-fire grill. Dishes arrive at tables that provide a view of the firemen’s old sports court, still intact.

Let’s move to the bar, a liquid shelved masterpiece of art and soul. Sip imbibes under a light tube with electric tentacles, and order up new takes on classic concoctions that will have any thirsty soul setting the night aflame, like our pal Jim Morrison asked his baby to do over and over again.

Moving upstairs is where the most thought out shelters in LA can be found, eight completely different rooms based on specific colors; Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, and White. Each space is a livable masterpiece of retro-elegant aesthetics. Yellow is spacious, Red is alluring and feisty, while Green is inspired by vintage decadence. Our room choice? Black on the ground level, because sometimes you need to sleep inside a 70’s inspired funk decor with a pull-down bed as a rock star would.

This is the new standard of what it means to stay in the City of Angels. The property sits atop the ladder when it comes to modern hospitality in the form of a hote… let’s stop there, because Fire House is much more than the classic Merriam Webster definition, it’s a new breed. Spend a day, a night, an evening, or a long weekend at the Firehouse Hotel—no smoke, all fire.

Come on baby, light my fire
Try to set the night on fire


Housed in a historic 1927 firehouse in the Arts District of Los Angeles

Executive Chef Ashley Abodeely is a total bad ass, and a Madison Park alum. Check out the menus here

Sun going down? Go find the fire pit

A destination to drink, dine and dwell for as long as you please