Seventh Flag

time Everyday: 7am - 7pm

UNFORTUNATELY, CLOSED! Seventh Flag is a cafe serving locally roasted coffee from Cuvee Coffee. Stationed in an old house, they offer a home-like vibe and a delicious array of caffeinated choices. Seventh Flag is a favorite amongst ATX locals and portrays a community first mindset.


BY: Ryan Kirk Contributing writer

Over the lifespan of the locality of Texas, six different countries have tried to lay claim to the confident, courageous, and sometimes wild state. While different flags have made their own attempts at subduing the vast lands, most are now just found in old Texas history books and taught about in high school freshman classes. There is that which is taught and that which is learned. What you won’t find in that dusty old Texas history book is the story behind the one and only Seventh Flag, the organization that moved into Texas and is slowly taking over. While their aspiration is not to overtake the Alamo, they are on a quest for dominance. The competition is robust and the battle not easily won, but the reward is nothing short of amazing — and the local people of Austin are drinking it right up.

If you’re not from Texas and are just visiting, it’s important that you realize that the Austinites aren’t scared of a little Texas heat.

What was once a house in south Austin now sits one of the finest coffee shops in the city. The redesigned establishment has kept the appearance of a house on the outside and feels like home on the inside. Above the fireplace, a black flag drapes down with seven stars on it and the words “Our Country of Friends.” These words illustrate exactly what Seventh Flag represents, a friendly community where people come to hang out, get some work done, or just drink some damn good coffee.

While there is no bad option when it comes to the menu, we suggest you start with the Espresso. Served in a white demitasse cup with the Seventh Flag logo, they pair it with two shots: Topo Chico mineral water and Tibetan Tiger black tea. While their attention to detail and the presentation of their drinks are fantastic, the delicious taste of their coffee is even better.

If you’re not from Texas and are just visiting, it’s important that you realize that the Austinites aren’t scared of a little Texas heat. So after you grab a cup of coffee, put those personal flags on the line and challenge the chums to a game of bocce ball. In the front yard, they have all the gear you need, so bring your confidence to the lawn, and we’ll see whose flag is left standing!


Coffee roast: Cuvee Coffee

Seventh Flag is an ideal location in Austin — close to downtown and South Congress Ave.

Community first in this spot. Come in and catch the vibe of one of Austin’s finest

Great menu and choices. Get out of your comfort zone and ask the barista their recommendation