Shift Drinks

Mon - Fri: 4pm - 2:30am
  • Mon - Fri: 4pm - 2:30am
  • Sat - Sun: 5pm - 2:30pm

UNFORTUNATELY, CLOSED! shift drink: noun \shift driŋk\ a liquid refreshment enjoyed after a hard day’s work. This is a professional drinking establishment filled with cocktails, wine and light fare. Knock a few back in the polished punk-rock, high ceilinged space.


BY: Travis Platt Contributing writer

What is a shift drink? It’s a tradition that dates back further than any one person can truly remember. It’s the liquid light at the end of the tunnel after a long and brutal work session, a deep breath of relaxation, and a symbol of a job well done while you wipe the sweat from your brow.

At Shift Drinks, the high-ceilinged open space offers a meeting point for gatherers from all industries to hang up their coats and unwind. The establishment’s DIY punk rock bootstrapped philosophy proudly declares the bar to be a “professional drinking establishment.”

When it’s time to reset your intellect, Shift Drinks is where the passionate and creative go

The bar was built out of an old bank, and the riches once hidden away here are now in a liquefied form, the spoils now shared collectively. Post up at the bar to be surrounded by giant windows, where you can watch the weather creep through the city and the sun set over the glistening Portland streets.

Shift Drinks is a pillar of bartending, with mixtures created by top-notch professionals. They serve the classics, along with fresh creative concoctions that always morph along with the season.

Also available is a wine list that rivals any local catalogue, offering more than 100 bottlings of old world and Pacific Northwest varietals stored in the old metal bank-vault-turned-wine-cellar. As the name implies, the bar caters specifically to industry workers by selling bottles of wine to go until close.

As motivated human beings, we all have a craft that we dedicate countless hours to, something that drives us toward the future. When it’s time to reset your intellect, Shift Drinks is where the passionate and creative go to take a moment, share ideas, and be inspired by the great hardworking minds around them. So cheers to a moment well deserved and infinite shift drinks after a determined day of work.


Pair your mixture with vintage metal fixtures and big windows that capture the PDX streets

The wine list here is immaculate, get your vino on. Take some wine to-go at last call, yes it’s legal — it’s Oregon

Truly built for creative hustlers of all kinds, you will find Happy Hour all f*cking day

A CYTIES first stop after the wheels touch down in Portland, one of the best in land