Stumptown Coffee Roasters (NOLA)

time Everyday: 7am - 7pm

UNFORTUNATELY, CLOSED! Stumptown Coffee Roasters in New Orleans is an Ace Hotel Fixture, offering house-roasted coffee to locals and traverls alike. We all need coffee, but we don't all need coffee like a morning after a night in NOLA. Let Stumptown be your savior.


BY: Jeanie Lazaris Contributing writer

New Orleans isn’t just the kind of place where you want to stay up all night. It’s the kind of place where you absolutely should stay up all night. With the pulse of the city throbbing in the French Quarter — home of the endless party more commonly known as Bourbon Street — there are too man antics to get down with in this town to let your energy supply dwindle.

When the party never stops, you need a coffee that can give you the vitality to keep up with the crowd. Stumptown Coffee Roasters at the Ace Hotel is the place to get your caffeine fix, whether you’re preparing for a long night of mayhem or trying to recover from one.

get your beignets at Café Du Monde if you must, but make sure you get your coffee here.

Stumptown is the perfect pairing for New Orleans, which had its hand in making iced coffee famous. Locals have been brewing this liquid awesomeness with chicory and sweetening it with milk and sugar for decades. With that kind of history in the area, it’s no wonder that the menu coolly reflects the city’s coffee history and showcases cold brew.

Their signature drink, the Cold Shot, is some blow-your-mind shit. This smooth and creamy espresso drink is brewed from Stumptown’s Hair Bender concentrate (a blend of African, Indonesian, and Latin-American beans) and infused with nitrogen — because when you’re in a town as unique as this, you need a coffee that can live up to the city’s hype.

The coffees are always GMO-free, and they don’t insult you with any added nonsense like artificial flavoring. The deep flavors and nuances in these brews are all a result of lovingly grown and carefully selected heirloom varietals. The pride that goes into growing the beans is equally matched with the pride that goes into brewing the perfect cup of coffee. All of Stumptown’s single-origin coffees or blends are available brewed to order.

With a city steeped in old-world charm and a menu rooted in cold brew, the digs at Stumptown are naturally set to match. Frothy drinks are dispensed from a custom-made seven-head brass-and-marble tap modeled in old European tap style. And if that isn’t fancy enough, drinks are served in glass stemware, because in New Orleans, ordinary just isn’t good enough.

The interior, much like the warehouse district it calls home, is very art-deco. An undulating brass-trimmed light feature that runs the curve of the bar is reminiscent of Europe in the 1960s. As FDR once said, “New Orleans makes it possible to go to Europe without ever leaving the United States.”

New Orleans is a city like no other, and you need a killer brew to keep up with the pace. Luckily, Stumptown has the brew to get your blood going. So, get your beignets at Café Du Monde if you must, but make sure you get your coffee here.


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