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Mon - Sat: 11am - 7pm
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CLOSED: Tanner Goods is a thoughtfully curated store, located in the heart of the bustling Divisadero Neighborhood. Inside featured a full line of Tanner Goods products, from leather goods, to canvas bags, furniture and housewares.


BY: Sam Faktorow Contributing writer

There are few things that can totally complete a man’s look quite like a high quality handmade leather wallet or bag. When crafted with the utmost care, these finishing touches round out a rugged yet modern aesthetic and truly combine both form and function into a tasteful ensemble appropriate for even the most corporate of men. Enter Tanner Goods, a unique leather goods store located right at the edge of the Fillmore District on Divisadero Street in the middle of bustling San Francisco, California. Escape the fast pace of the city and step on in to smell the virile musk of custom made belts, handbags, and other stylish manly accessories.

You could throw an entire party with your purchases from Tanner Goods while looking sexy and suave at the same time.

The store design is unique and impeccable. Between the brick and glass storefront warmly greeting folks from the street, hardwood floors, steel showcases, small performance stage, and bar in the back — Tanner Goods is so much more than a place to buy leather. It is an entire lifestyle, devoted to the grit and tenacity of the well-dressed, sophisticated man who also likes to let loose from time to time. Their obvious commitment to style, durability, small details, and quality are what keep so many people coming back for repeat visits. And with fair prices in mind, what could be better? Sip some whiskey while you wait for your custom made belt to be prepared special for you.

Beyond the belts and bags, you can also find handsome footwear, one of a kind notebooks for the poet inside you, and unique glasses like carafes and decanters. You could throw an entire party with your purchases from Tanner Goods while looking sharp and suave at the same time. With another location found also in effortlessly hip Portland, the West Coast seems lucky to have Tanner Goods adding a touch of wilderness amidst the soaring cityscapes of the Pacific.


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