The House of Machines

Mon - Thurs: 8am - 10pm
  • Mon - Thurs: 8am - 10pm
  • Fri - Sat: 8am - 12am
  • Sun: 8am - 10pm

Unfortunately, CLOSED! The House of Machines is an all-encompassing bespoke motorcycle and apparel shop, drinkery, eatery, and live music venue bent on promoting good times and creativity, as well as a culinary and a cultural influence in the community. Come for the bikes, stay for the tunes, rinse your sins away with barrel-aged whiskey, repeat.


BY: Dakota Nate Contributing writer

In order to thrive in this day and age with daily pressures and distractions galore, it’s important for everyone to have a zen space, so to speak. Ok, bear with us here, we’re not necessarily talking salt baths and cleansing crystals while you don a charcoal face mask in your terrycloth bathrobe — unless you’re into that sort of thing, no judgment here. What we have in mind, however, is something a little more fast-paced, a little reckless, and a lot more rock n’ roll.

the strong aspect of community flowing through the pipes of this subcultural establishment remains the backbone of their philosophy.

The House of Machines is so much more than just a place for the cool to convene in times of leisure. Originating in Cape Town, South Africa, THoM resides in three pockets across the globe including their original outpost in Cape Town City Centre, a shop in Hokkaido, Japan that opened in 2016, and now, their only brick and mortar storefront on US soil residing off of Mateo and 7th Street in Los Angeles’ Arts District. With LA being the most recent home to this post-punk-esque frontier of all things fast, fine, and frothy, the strong aspect of community flowing through the pipes of this subcultural establishment remains the backbone of their philosophy. Partnering with BMW Mottorad to put together the complete communal kick-back zone where patrons could come together in harmony to create, drink, eat, study, and break away from the outside world, THoM allows you rev up and spend your time how you please.

Congenial Cape Town vibes shine through the refined foundation of what House of Machines is built on. Stylishly cheeky yet uplifting mantras such as, “Don’t Be A Dick” stand against a room of motorized masterpieces while seating areas span the far end of the room in a casual fashion. Designed as a proper thinking space void of snobbery where one can come together with others in sound collaboration within a live, creative hub, The House of Machines is ideal for experienced easy riders, novice enthusiasts looking to learn a little history, and absolutely anyone else who wishes to go along for the ride and immerse themselves in their own preferred headspace. Also if you didn’t already feel like you were in trusted hands, Speed Shop offers custom motorcycle design with gurus Chris and Fiona Richardson at the helm of creating powerful speed demons like it’s business as usual. Well, it certainly is for them.

From the merchandise to their craft brews and expert craft cocktails, everything has a sense of mastery and purpose behind it. With that being said, The House of Machines and Mottorad put together a limited run of clothing specifically for the venue called Limits No Longer Apply, which serves as an ode to the motorcycle community in reference to the unrestrained abandon experienced by driving on German autobahns where there are no limits on the road. We can almost feel the wind down our backs as we speak.

If you’re looking to kick yourself into gear, opt for a cappuccino or an Americano from the coffee counter. If you’re looking to slow time down a little bit, choose from a selection of bewitching craft cocktails curated by cocktail director and influencer Amanda Colom, and pair them alongside a menu of mouth-watering dishes by Chef Oscar Hermosillo to soak up your much-earned booze. In additional to appeasing your gut, if you plan right, you can easily catch a live band while you sip on your barrel-aged sazerac. Built into the community as an essential staple that strengthens the union of fierce style, genuine hospitality, and the finer things in life, the House of Machines is about to become the place you get to tell all of your friends about first. You heard it from us, CYTIES traveler, now hit the road!


Honestly, it’s hard to find a time not to come to THoM. Come for breakfast, watch the sun fade to night, and stay until a band takes the stage

The bar program is at the helm of global cocktail powerhouse Bad Birdy, check here for more on her

Rollin’ on two-wheels? You won’t be the only one, they’ve got an in-house bike shop for all repairs

Coffee in the morning has never tasted this good. Brought to you by Evil Twin Coffee