Welcome Stranger

High-end men's boutique with rugged clothing & footwear, plus grooming products & home goods. Welcome Stranger does just what its name implies, then soon after becomes less of a stranger and more a familiar face for all style needs


BY: Travis Platt Contributing writer

In life, things change, and San Francisco is changing as time rolls forward. But for now, let’s turn back the clock to the beginning. When the gold rush hit and people set course on a treasure hunt, it wasn’t exactly with the forethought that the west was where you were going to end up calling home. The mere thought of a gold-reflecting hunk at the bottom of a rushing California stream pushed anyone onward to the coast.

As a result, early western general stores and bars unlocked their wooden doors with no intention of closing. Business was good as whiskey was tossed under long mustaches and products of all kinds, unfamiliar to east coasters, were bought in bulk to keep travelers prepared for all obstacles ahead. The phrase “Welcome Stranger” was a nod of respect to an unfamiliar face. It became a vocal handshake of trust in the vast landscapes of northern California. This historic tale is what we think of when we reflect on one of San Francisco’s most timeless staples for men’s style, and it sits under a flag bearing a Golden Buffalo.

Lace up a pair of Chippewa boots to hit the trails of Lands’ End with a beauty in hand for a golden sunset.

If you are a Bay Area native or simply a devotee to the style of life in this part of the country, you will appreciate that Welcome Stranger dedicates its abiding staples to California — the brand has been crafted in San Francisco since 2010.  Trends don’t have a place in this white-walled wooden-beamed atmosphere. Walking in, your shadow leads the way, painted by the afternoon sun through the store’s large front windowpanes. You step from city to cozy burrow within a matter of seconds. The ambiance immediately fills you with a sense for adventure. If you’re a prospector of style that doesn’t follow the fads, gold has been struck.

Deeper within the cavernous pine-infused store are numerous hand-picked brands from around the globe that reflect the attention to detail of design, brands that pay tribute and purpose to the vast landscapes of the region around San Francisco. Lines of packs and single-file-hung flannels enhance a courageous California state of mind. Sweaters, hoodies, and jackets are stocked for a chilly coastal bonfire gathering. Lace up a pair of Chippewa boots to hit the trails of Lands’ End with a beauty in hand for a golden sunset.

If you’re just passing through but are looking to take the atmosphere home with you, sift through the diverse selection of lifestyle tools that are at hand, from barware to home accents. Our CYTIES pick-up? Most definitely Welcome Strangers’ own Military Jacket, a badass classic. Also, do us a favor and start a conversation with anyone working. Music, The Warriors, the best eats in town, it doesn’t matter which topic. This team is as real and passionate as it gets, so get to know them.

Where were we? Ah, yes, the inevitable has begun. Yes, the city of San Francisco, like anything in life, has begun to change. Money is involved, lots of it. But no dollar sign can even attempt to spoil the creative souls that have erected San Francisco as one of the most unique cities on earth. Like the peaks of the Golden Gate Bridge during a thick morning fog, Welcome Stranger rises above any distractions. It helps keep San Francisco one of the few places Welcoming Strangers of any kind and keeps the city true to its creative, unconventional, stylish heart.


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